Ear problems

Tinnitus treatment

Tinnitus can best be described as a ringing or swishing noise that typically originates in either the ear or the head. Up to 36 million Americans suffer from this disorder, which is usually a symptom of an underlying condition, rather than a disease in its own right. Although some may not consider this a serious […]

Tinnitus causes

Tinnitus is a condition where there is ringing in the ears. There may be other noises like hissing, whistling, buzzing or a sound similar to steam. Over 35 million Americans suffer with tinnitus. The term tinnitus comes from the Latin word “tinnire”. This word means to ring or tinkle a bell. Most people complain that […]

BPPV treatment

BPPV or benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, simply known as vertigo, is a condition that makes you feel like the world around you is spinning – and the disease results from a problem in the inner ear. The sense of balance is that we feel when walking and doing everyday things is maintained by tiny calcium […]

Earache home remedy

One of the most troubling problems that can cause issues for both children and adults is an earache. This painful experience can often be attributed to a number of various causes, and if you want to find a successful earache home remedy to treat them, you will want to make sure that you understand what […]

Ear infection treatment

Ear infections can be quite painful but luckily they are usually very easily treated. There is a belief out there that ear infections will always require antibiotic treatment, but this is not always the case. In some cases the body will be able to handle the infection on its own. Doctors will usually prescribe antibiotics […]