Dyslexia treatment

A number of parents wanted to know more dyslexia treatment to help their children cope with their difficulties in learning to read and help them to attain a better result from their education. Most experts would use educational tools in treating dyslexia. More than medicines and counseling, an important part of dyslexia treatment is training […]

Dyslexia test

For many children, school is a natural progression. In Kindergarten and first grade, they work on learning their alphabet and then, afterward, learning to read. But for some children, this natural progression does not go as planned. Teachers, parents and the students themselves will notice that they are not making progress in reading, or not […]

Learning disabilities

Learning disabilities are when people have trouble processing what their brain takes in. The brain takes in sensory information in the forms of sight, smell, hearing, and by touch. Children and adults who have learning disabilities see, hear, and understand things differently than the rest of the world. This does not mean that this person […]


Dyslexia’s definition according to the National Institute of Health is that dyslexia is a learning disability which causes a child to have problems in their ability to read, write and spell according to their intellectual abilities. It is one of the most common learning disorders that affects children today and it stays with someone their […]

Dyslexia symptoms

Dyslexia is considered a learning disability. It causes a person to have difficulties reading, writing and spelling. Occasionally a person affected with Dyslexia can suffer from speech problems as well. Dyslexia is commonly found in children who have trouble learning how to read and write appropriately. The condition may go undiagnosed for the first couple […]