Diverticulitis diet

Diverticulitis is a condition that can have major affects on your digestive system. It is a condition that is often developed as a result of aging. Excessive colon pressure is common in older people and this often associates with diverticulitis. Constant and excessive colon pressure can cause diverticula (sacs) to build in an outward direction […]

Foods to avoid with diverticulitis

There are many foods that cannot be consumed by anyone that is living with diverticulitis. This can make living day to day a bit of a hassle if you do not know what foods you are supposed to avoid. If you inform yourself on the foods that are acceptable and not acceptable to eat then […]

Diverticulitis symptoms

People of both genders who are over the age of 50 are more at risk of developing diverticulitis symptoms than younger people are. It is important to know what the diverticulitis symptoms are, especially if you are older because an estimated 60% of all Americans who reach the age of 80 will suffer from diverticulitis. […]


Diverticulitis is a condition that is characterized by pouches that form in the colon that are infected or inflamed. There is no known cause for the condition, but a low fiber diet is thought to contribute to it. A diet that is low in fiber will cause the colon to work harder than it should […]