Contact lenses

Corrective contact lenses

Do you suffer from not seeing very well? Does this happen when you’re driving? When you’re reading? When you’re looking at the board in class? Does it happen 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week? You are probably a candidate for, or have already discovered, corrective contact lenses. Commonly known as “contacts,” corrective […]

Prescription colored contacts

You will be able to choose from three different kinds of prescription colored contacts—enhancement tints, visibility tints, and opaque color tints. It is important that you carefully review all of your options so you will be able to choose for yourself which one best suits your individual needs. Those who have astigmatisms will certainly be […]

Multifocal contact lenses

Any middle-aged individuals that are suffering from vision problems may want to consider swapping their inconvenient pair of eyeglasses for a set of multifocal contact lenses. Standard contact lenses may be sufficient for younger individuals but most older individuals with vision problems will only get the maximum effects out of multifocal contact lenses. As many […]

Non-prescription contacts

Non-prescription contact lenses are just like traditional contacts with the exception of the way that they are used. While prescription contacts help those with vision problems to see more clearly, non-prescription contacts allow you to make changes to your appearance. If you do not have vision problems but would simply like to heighten or change […]

Toric contact lenses

Toric contact lenses are made just like traditional or spherical lenses with a slight difference in the overall design of the lens. They are made with two powers as opposed to one in traditional lenses. They are created for those with astigmatism who also have near or farsighted vision problems. Toric lenses are created with […]

Halloween contact lenses

Have you ever bought a new Halloween costume only to notice the effect is not quite what you want to portray at Halloween? Maybe all you need to do is change your eyes for example if you are wearing a scary costume. Now you have ways to change the appearance of your eyes to make […]

How do contact lenses work

Our eyes are simply amazing. Scientists estimate that the human eye can see over ten million colors, and distinguish between 1 million of them. Now, color is really nothing more that the brain’s interpretation of light of a certain wavelength. The human eye can only detect light with a wavelength between 380 nanometers and 740 […]

Bifocal contact lenses

Close your eyes, and think to yourself – through what means do you enjoy the joys of life the most? If you do, there is a very good chance that you have already discovered the answer. Your eyes. The power of sight is one of the greatest gifts given to us, and its impact on […]

Prescription eyeglasses

Prescription eyeglasses have changed significantly over the past few years. People today have many choices when it comes to the style of glasses that they will wear. Prescription eyeglasses of today are somewhat of a fashion trend. Many high-end designers such as Calvin Klein, Jones New York and Marc Jacobs among others design eyeglass frames. […]

Colored contact lenses

Contact lenses are no longer used as just a treatment for vision problems. Many people now use (colored) contact lenses as part of a fashion statement. The colored contact lenses let you have the ability to change the color of your eyes whenever you want. If you do not like the color of your eyes […]

Mirrored contact lenses

Because of rapid new developments in the contact lens industry people now have various types of contact lenses to choose from. Hollywood actors have helped increase the desire for out the norm looking contact lenses. Contact lenses are now made to change the appearance and color of the eyes as well as to correct vision. […]