Children’s health

Middle child syndrome

Birth order, which is the order in which siblings are born referring to their age, has psychological effects on every single child, whether it is the first child, the second child, the third child, the fourth child, etc. Stereotypically speaking, the first child is the one who is coddled; the last child is the spoiled […]

Pediatric speech therapy

If you have a child under the age of 18 who has difficulties with letter or word pronunciation, or even has difficulty speaking in general, they may require pediatric speech therapy. A speech therapist will also, typically, have experience of working with mentally and physically disabled children. However not all children who require speech therapy […]

PDD treatment

PDD, or Pervasive Developmental Disorder, is the general term for five different categories of disorders that are characterized by the delay of developing functional skills, including socialization and communication, in an individual. There are varying degrees of severity, and the severity is presented differently in each disorder. PDD can be noticeable by parents during infancy, […]

Treatments for autistic children

Autism in children is associated with impairments in their social functioning and the way they process things going on around them as well as impairments in their communication skills. Children who have autism have a hard time interacting with people around them, no matter what age they are. The most debilitating affect on children who […]

Good nutrition for kids

It would be wrong to say that nutrition is most important during childhood because good nutrition is essential throughout life, especially during times of distress, disease, and pregnancy; however, during childhood, the focus on nutrition is paramount in getting your kids to grow strong and healthy and to develop as they should. While you may […]

ADHD in children

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, more commonly known by the acronym ADHD, is a sort of neurobehavioral developmental disorder, and the most commonly diagnosed psychiatric condition in children. Most of us hear about ADHD all the time, particularly ADHD in children. Indeed, most of us probably think of ADHD as a children’s disease, something which people outgrow […]

Healthy breakfast foods for kids

We all know that in the mornings there is zero time for dawdling. Sometimes it feels like a miracle when you finally have the kids out the door after they’ve been woken up, dressed, and fed. Imagine this: the whole family, including those once-cranky kids, wakes up happy as can be, makes it down in […]

Asthma in children

Asthma in children is a significant chronic illness that can happen to infants and children of all ages. It is not a condition that only affects one race. In fact is a common chronic childhood illness that is found in all races of people. Asthma in children can develop in infancy but most commonly develops […]

Delayed speech development in children

Many parents become concerned about their children and their developmental milestones. When other children begin to master skills that are age appropriate for your child you may start wondering if there is something wrong with your child. Although there are general estimated ages in which children develop certain skills, it is also important to realize […]

Pediatric therapy

Pediatric therapy is the specific sort of therapy that is designed especially for children. Human growth and development is the main factor here, rather than recovery. The word children refers to everyone under twenty-one years of age, and in some cases, eighteen. This is a specific branch of medical study because the way one relates […]

Probiotics supplements for children

We’ve all heard of antibiotics. The term is used most commonly to refer to beneficial microorganisms introduced into the body to fight some other, harmful microorganisms that make up illness. But with every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction, and the same holds true for “biotics.” Just as there are antibiotics, there are […]

Sensory integration disorder

A common disorder that children have nowadays is called Sensory Integration Disorder or SID. Parents of children who have Sensory Integration Disorder are relieved to find out that with the right treatment and information their child can learn how to manage themselves effectively and continue to live peacefully at home with the rest of the […]

Osgood-Schlatter disease

Osgood-Schlatter disease is a condition that regularly causes knee pain for children and young teenagers. As a result of developing Osgood-Schlatter disease, various symptoms could develop such as constant knee pain, swelling of the knee area, and tenderness in certain areas near the knee. The disease is most common with physically active boys and usually […]

Appendicitis in children

When a child falls ill it can sometimes be hard to determine the actual problem. Often children have a hard time describing exactly what is bothering them or just how severe the pain really is. This makes our job as parents a little hard at times. What can be mistaken as a regular stomach ache […]

Neurofibromatosis in children

Neurofibromatosis is actually more than one disorder. It actually is two separate disorders. This is because two different chromosomes can be affected by a mutated gene. Neurofibromatosis in children is common and affects one in every 4,000 births. This disorder is typically identified by the growth of tumors on the nerves. The tumor may appear […]

Childhood apraxia of speech

When we think of childhood diseases, we think of the old standbys like measles, mumps, chicken pox and the common cold. Or we think of birth defects such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, and spina bifida – syndromes that people are born with and, like it are not, often manifest themselves physically in the inability […]

Night sweats in children

Night sweats in children are very common and it does not usually mean anything is wrong. You will know your child has night sweats when they continually with drenched sheets and clothing. This often happens small children when they become overheated while sleeping. However, sometimes night sweats in children can be a symptom of a […]

Best vitamin supplements for children

Today’s modern diet with its glut of convenience foods is contributing to a vast number of illnesses for our children as well as an obesity epidemic like we have never before seen. Scientists have found nutritional deficits to be connected to many of the illnesses that have been rising over the past decade or two […]

ADHD symptoms

Until fairly recently, no one had heard of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but within the past couple of decades, the disorder has become the syndrome du jour for children, teenagers and even some adults. It seems lately that more and more children are being prescribed medicine to calm them down and help the pay […]

Dyspraxia in children

Dyspraxia is a disability that affects the motor skills in many people. It is usually diagnosed in early childhood and tends to affect more males than females. Some of the earliest signs of dyspraxia in children may begin very early on. When a child is still a baby, dyspraxia symptoms can begin to surface when […]

Autism symptoms

Autism symptoms can vary among those who have the condition. Not everyone that has autism will suffer from the same symptoms or the same severity. There are however a few symptoms that seem to be considered “core symptoms” which means that almost every person with Autism has them to some extent. Some of the core […]

Learning disabilities

Learning disabilities are when people have trouble processing what their brain takes in. The brain takes in sensory information in the forms of sight, smell, hearing, and by touch. Children and adults who have learning disabilities see, hear, and understand things differently than the rest of the world. This does not mean that this person […]


Dyslexia’s definition according to the National Institute of Health is that dyslexia is a learning disability which causes a child to have problems in their ability to read, write and spell according to their intellectual abilities. It is one of the most common learning disorders that affects children today and it stays with someone their […]

Type 1 diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes is more common than people may think. Every year there are roughly 13,000 cases in the US that are diagnosed in children. This disease can be diagnosed in childhood as well as later in life. When you have Diabetes it means you are suffering from a chronic condition, but it can be […]

Head lice prevention

Schools are one of the places where head lice spread quickly among children; and at a rapid rate. It can be very difficult to prevent head lice among the children in a school, but parents must be on guard to keep the head lice outbreak contained. Head lice prevention will require treatment as soon as […]

Cystic fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis is a disease that is inherited and is usually diagnosed in infants and young children. However there are mild cases that sometimes do not manifest until someone is a teen or young adult. This disease affects the lungs, the pancreas, the sinuses, the intestines, the liver, and sex organs. This disease affects both […]

Child autism

When talking about child autism many people assume it is one disorder when in fact autism is a general term used to categorize a collection of pervasive developmental disorders. These disorders affect social and communication skills and motor and language skills, however they can affect these skills to a greater or lesser degree depending on […]