Breast cancer

Breast cancer stages

The reason that breast cancer is put into staging systems is so that you can best understand your prognosis, so that you and your doctor can decide on the specific course of treatment, and finally the extent of your breast cancer can be fully understood and, therefore, what type of treatment is needed. The specific […]

Breast cancer diagnosis and treatment

Breast cancer, when detected and diagnosed early, can be cured, or at least put into remission. Screening is very important when it comes to breast cancer because when symptoms are present, this means the cancer is larger and it has probably spread to other parts of the body. When it is caught before the symptoms […]

Breast cancer prevention

The fear of getting or having breast cancer can be overwhelming. Most women have either known someone who has had breast cancer or has at least heard of cases of women that have. All types of cancer are scary and can show up unexpectedly. The actual cause of breast cancer is not yet known so […]

Breast cancer

Thanks to many public awareness campaigns, breast cancer is one of the best known and best understood forms of cancer. This is fortunate, because breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death in women. Luckily, with regular self breast exams and visits to a gynecologist, breast cancer is one deadly illness that can be […]

Inflammatory breast cancer

What is inflammatory breast cancer? It is a rare but very aggressive form of breast cancer that happens very quickly. It does not start out in the form of a lump in the breast as other forms of breast cancer do. Instead, it presents as an inflammatory process. In other words, this disease makes the […]

Breast cancer symptoms

If you are like many women, you might be worried about the possibility of breast cancer. If so, then you might wonder what breast cancer symptoms you might be experiencing if you are coming down with the disease. The fact is that knowing what the breast cancer symptoms are will help you to make sure […]

Breast cancer treatment

Once you have been diagnosed with breast cancer you want to be sure to look at all the different treatments that could work for you. Your doctor will discuss the path that he or she thinks you should take for your fastest road to recovery and defeating this disease. You may or may not understand […]