Brain disorders


Citrocoline is a naturally occurring biological compound found in the body that helps to maintain healthy brain matter. This compound can protect the brain from damage due to stroke and other conditions that affect the brain. This compound has been researched for various uses since the 1970s. It has been found to help the brain […]

Cognitive enhancer

A cognitive enhancer, sometimes referred to as a smart drug, is a medication used for improvement of basic mental functions. It is mostly used for enhancing mental concentration and increasing memory capabilities. Cognitive enhancers are available in various items such as prescription medication, supplements, and functional foods. Recreational Drugs with Benefits Some recreational drugs will […]

Brain vitamins

Without having the proper nutrition, our brain cannot function to the best of its ability. It is crucial to have the proper vitamins and nutrients to feed our brains to allow proper stimulation and growth. Our brain controls everything we do. Malnutrition of the brain can cause so many problems in the rest of our […]

Cerebellar ataxia

Cerebellar ataxia is a disorder that is caused by the improper functioning of the cerebellum in the brain. The cerebellum is the part of the brain that controls and coordinates body movements. It sits at the base of the brain near the brainstem. The right part of the cerebellum controls the right side of the […]

Natural memory enhancer

As we get older we often joke that we are losing our memories, but it really isn’t funny. When you start forgetting things it makes your daily life more stressful and people may not think that you are as reliable as you once were. The bottom line is that our memory is one of our […]

Schizophrenia treatment

Schizophrenia is a very serious and severe brain disorder. Schizophrenia can cause a person to withdraw, become paranoid, and delusional. There is no cure for this disorder however there are a variety of treatments that can help a person cope and live with the condition. If you are concerned that you may have schizophrenia, you […]

Stroke symptoms

A stroke is a highly dangerous situation in which a person’s brain suffers from a critical deficiency of oxygen due to an interruption of the blood supply in the head. Unlike other parts of the body, the brain is particularly sensitive to oxygen deprivation and will start dying within minutes of losing oxygen. As you […]

Best brain & nervous system supplements

Brain disorders can occur without notice and definitely need to be prepared for. Within a matter of days a person could develop a neurological disorder and it could go without notice until it gets too severe to treat. The best thing to do when dealing with neurological disorders is to attempt to prevent them from […]

Autism symptoms

Autism symptoms can vary among those who have the condition. Not everyone that has autism will suffer from the same symptoms or the same severity. There are however a few symptoms that seem to be considered “core symptoms” which means that almost every person with Autism has them to some extent. Some of the core […]

Brain tumor

As many people know, cases of cancer are on the rise across the board. This includes everything from lung cancer to brain cancer, all of which start from a mass of quickly developing cells. Although not every type of tumor contains cancer cells, most of the ones in the brain end up being malignant and […]


Encephalitis means inflammation of the brain, and it is usually the result of an infection. The disease can be life threatening, but this form of the disease is quite rare. The symptoms can be very mild in some cases leading some doctors to believe that there is a much higher instance of the disease than […]

Grand mal seizure

A grand mal seizure is characterized by unconsciousness and convulsions that typically involve all parts of the body. The seizure will occur in stages with unconsciousness coming first and the convulsions beginning after. The cause of a grand mal seizure is an abnormal electrical activity in the brain and this is the reason that the […]

Brain injury

There are some things in life that you simply cannot prepare for and a brain injury is one of those cases. It can happen in a split second and your life is forever altered whether you are the brain injured or someone who will care for a loved one with a brain injury. For both […]

Memory loss causes

Everyone has experienced some sort of memory loss in their lifetime. We just can’t remember everything. But what happens when you or a loved one starts suffering from severe memory loss or amnesia? Amnesia is the term used for more severe cases of forgetfulness. There are several factors that can contribute to memory loss, ranging […]

Cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy is a condition that is caused by abnormal brain development or brain damage in one or more parts of the brain that control the muscles and motor activity. This condition is usually diagnosed or seen in infancy or early childhood. Children who have cerebral palsy are more likely to be developmentally delayed and […]


Many of us are used to dealing with physical illness, but dealing with mental illness is an entirely differing thing all together. Even though psychology has been around for decades, it is still a relatively new science and diagnostic criteria are still changing and improving. Mental illness, such as schizophrenia, is becoming more commonplace and […]