Brain cancer

Brain cancer diagnosis

If you or a loved one has ever been diagnosed with brain cancer, you know the strain it can put on an individual and the family. Fortunately, there are great doctors and teams of experts that can accurately diagnosis and treat brain cancer, but the outcome of survival depends on the type of cancer, its […]

Brain tumor symptoms

Brain tumor symptoms tend to vary from patient to patient. They also often mimic the symptoms of other diseases and medical conditions. Symptoms will depend on where in the brain the tumor is found and again on the patient. The most commonly reported symptom of a brain tumor is headaches. Headaches associated with brain tumors […]

Brain cancer prevention

Everyone knows that brain cancer can be a very scary disease. Although the cause of primary brain tumors and brain cancer is not known, often people want to know what they can do to prevent brain cancer from developing in their future. Primary brain tumors are tumors that develop in the brain without any other […]

Brain tumor

As many people know, cases of cancer are on the rise across the board. This includes everything from lung cancer to brain cancer, all of which start from a mass of quickly developing cells. Although not every type of tumor contains cancer cells, most of the ones in the brain end up being malignant and […]