Bee products

Honey health benefits

Besides the fact that honey is a naturally sweet and delicious treat, it brings to the table, and the body, a whole lot more. Honey has been used for hundreds of years to heal wounds and treat ailments; today, it is still used as a natural health booster. It is a pure and natural form […]

Royal jelly

Royal jelly, while less popular than bee pollen, has become a very well known and talked about health product in the last few years. Royal jelly is produced by the young nurse bees and is created to be used as larva food. Royal jelly is secreted from the young nurse bee’s glands located in the […]

Bee pollen

Bee pollen is considered one of nature’s healthiest foods in the world for human beings. It is called “bee bread” by some and is the staple food for honey bees and their young. It is a popular supplement that many people are taking these days for all kinds of health problems. The worker bees collect […]

Bee propolis benefits

Propolis is a mixture collected by bees. It is a sticky substance that is found in botanicals like tree buds and sap flows. Bees use it as a sealant for small gaps in their hives. Until the 20th century, relatively little was known about propolis, but now a number of significant human uses are coming […]

Raw honey benefits

Honey is a sweet edible substance that is produced by certain insects from the nectar of flowers. Raw honey, as the name suggests, is completely natural honey that is unprocessed, unheated and unfiltered. It is the purest form of honey that can be offered by nature. Honey loses all the natural goodness when it is […]