Asthma symptoms in children

As a parent, it can be extremely difficult to watch your child in distress. For some parents, simply seeing their child receive a cut or scrape can bring on a panic attack. Most parents are more laid back than that, but very few parents can watch their child have an asthma attack without a flutter […]

Portable ultrasonic nebulizers

Those who suffer from asthma and other respiratory problems will want to seriously consider getting an ultrasonic nebulizer because of the many benefits they offer. When you consider the fact that these have been known to help people breathe normally, they are certainly worth taking a look at. Over the years they have improved and […]

Xopenex vs. Albuterol

There are a number of products on the market that have been developed to treat asthma attacks and COPD. Xopenex and Albuterol are two well known and often used prescription bronchodilators that are inhaled to promote the dilation of airways. These prescription medications are for the temporary relief of asthma and COPD. They in no […]

Asthma in children

Asthma in children is a significant chronic illness that can happen to infants and children of all ages. It is not a condition that only affects one race. In fact is a common chronic childhood illness that is found in all races of people. Asthma in children can develop in infancy but most commonly develops […]

Peak flow meter

Asthma is a very common lung condition that numerous people in the United States suffer from. If you have asthma your doctor may recommend that you get a peak flow meter to measure your lung capacity. A peak flow meter will let your doctor know how efficiently your lungs are working. This is a tube […]

Asthma inhaler

In movies from the 1980’s, one common character was the stereotypical nerd. We, as the audience, could immediately recognize a nerd because of a few distinguishing physical factors. These physical factors included white shirts, high water pants, and suspenders, pocket protectors, big noses, greasy, oily skin and large, horn-rimmed coke-bottle glasses. And when the “nerd” […]

Asthma attack treatment

When a person has an asthma attack they will be able to breathe a lot easier if they are sitting up. Asthma attacks can happen in differing degrees of severity and the sufferer can have different types of symptoms. They type of asthma attack that is happening to the person will determine the asthma attack […]

Allergies and asthma

What a lot of people do not know is that allergies and asthma can be experienced together. The Mayo Clinic states that allergic asthma is one of the most common types of asthma found in the United States. People who have typical allergies experience a runny nose, watery eyes, sneeze, itch or have a combination […]

COPD treatment

COPD or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is a general term that encompasses several different types of lung diseases that all cause ongoing damage to the lungs. Sixteen million Americans have COPD today and about two million of them have the severe form of the disease. Symptoms of COPD can include repeated frequent ongoing respiratory infections, […]

Asthma treatment

So many people in the world today suffer from asthma and this makes finding the right treatments very important. Sufferers of asthma may live in constant worry about when they will experience their next asthma attack. This makes living life hard at times, especially when you have a severe case of asthma. Asthma is a […]

Natural asthma treatment

If you are someone who suffers from asthma, you probably know how difficult it can be to rely on the medications that the doctors prescribe to reduce your risk of a sudden attack. It often helps to have an alternative natural asthma treatment that will work to help improve your asthma symptoms and can work […]