Anal fissure

Rectal fissure symptoms

Rectal fissures are basically cuts which appear on the interior of the anus. These fissures usually appear on the middle side of the anal canal and they can be very painful. This happens because that particular part of the body contains a large amount of nerves which can detect and amplify pain. Rectal fissures are […]

Anal fissure treatment

Fissures, also known as anal fissures, are characterized as minor tears in your anus lining. The tears are sometimes on the outside of the anus but can be slightly inside as well. Usually the fissures stretch to the internal anal sphincter which is basically a muscular ring. Fissures can cause quite a bit of pain […]

Anal fissure surgery

You might not have ever heard about anal fissures, but they can be truly problematic and painful for those people who suffer from them. An anal fissure is a tear in the skin found in the anal skin that is close to the anus opening, and many times this tear can extend down into the […]