Acne skin treatments

Teenagers have a tough time of it. When children hit the age of 11 or 12, they are already going through hormonal changes. Boys’ voices are deepening, girls are beginning menstruation, and everyone is growing taller and shapelier. Mental changes are kicking in, too. Teens suddenly find the opposite sex attractive. And with that realization, […]

Scalp acne treatment

Scalp acne is a condition which can be extremely difficult to fully treat. It is especially complicated when attempting to cure scalp acne with other scalp issues interfering such as dandruff. Scalp acne is not a unique condition but rather it is just acne which happens to affect the scalp area as well. Scalp acne […]

Oral acne medication

There are literally thousands of oral acne medications available in the marketplace. Unfortunately, though, this can lead to extreme confusion and you may also be very frustrated as you have no idea which specific medication you should be taking. Your first port of call should always be to contact your dermatologist and undergo a skin […]

Get rid of acne naturally

There are many causes of acne and these can include having a weak immune system, eating foods that are high in fat or sugar, or even having a liver that doesn’t function properly. However there are numerous techniques that can help you get rid of acne naturally. Whether you use a natural treatment for your […]

Acne scar treatment

It is important to realize that prior to seeking any form of acne scar treatment, your face will need to be free of active acne. If you are still suffering from the effects of acne, you will need to address this first. Once your acne has cleared up you can then decide on the specific […]

Retinol cream

Retinol cream is a type of skin cream that is commonly used as a treatment product for acne and similar skin disorders. One of the main ingredients in retinol cream, Vitamin A, is a major reason why the cream is capable of treating serious skin conditions. As there are many strong ingredients in this skin […]

Homemade acne masks

Acne is one of the most common problems that affects most teenagers and continues through adulthood. Almost everyone suffering from acne problems have tried a number of remedies to get rid of their acne at some point. Not everyone can get of rid of them though. It is important to first identify and understand the […]

Natural acne treatments

Acne is the bane of almost every teenager’s existence. With hormones in full swing and eating habits leaving much to be desired, it is no wonder that so many teenagers suffer from Acne. But acne doesn’t discriminate and will often show up on adults in their twenties, thirties and even forties. No matter when it […]

Benzoyl peroxide

The bacteria that is responsible for acne breakout is called Propionibacteria Acne, better known as P. Acne. Usually, it takes a very oxygen rich surrounding to terminate these bacteria and prevent them from regrouping. Benzoyl peroxide helps to unclog the pore and letting oxygen pass through, which eliminates the P. Acnes and lowering the possibility […]

Vitamins and minerals for acne

At some point in most people’s lives acne can become a nuisance. Although it is most common during puberty there are people well out of puberty that still suffer from acne. Adults and teenagers alike may be on the search for a good acne cure. Vitamins and minerals may play an important role in the […]

Accutane side effects

Accutane is a type of oral medication used in the treatment of acne. It is essentially a form of Vitamin A and causes reduction in the oil released by glands of the skin. As a result, acne is kept under control and the skin is able to renew itself much faster. In general it is […]

Acne cream

One of the most commonly suffered skin condition in the world – acne today is a very controllable disease, thanks to the legions of highly effective topical creams that are readily available in the pharmacies of date. Although there are other variations of acne treatments which depends on the condition and stage, topical acne creams […]

Natural acne cures

Adolescents and young adults are often plagued by embarrassing outbreaks of acne. Some people can get severe outbreaks of acne that can even leave facial pockets and scarring. When this happens people can end up frantically searching for ways to cure their acne. Even people who just have a few pimples now and then spend […]

How to get rid of pimples

Acne vulgaris is a problem that can affect young and old alike. It is extremely prevalent in preteens and in the teenage years. It usually occurs along with puberty. What happens is that during puberty male hormones are excreted by both male and female alike. These hormones cause a rise in the amount of oils […]

Acne light therapy

For as long as teenagers have started sprouting spots that make them think they are ugly and less attractive to the opposite sex, scientists, soothsayers and teenagers alike have been attempting to come up with a cure for acne. Pimples, zits, spots, bumps, whatever you want to call them, acne is the scourge of every […]

Baby acne treatment

One thing that many parents are not prepared for is acne on their newborn baby. Baby acne is actually quite common and it will usually go away fairly quickly. While it can be a little disconcerting to find acne on your baby, there is really no treatment for it and it should be left alone […]

Acne treatments

There are many different acne treatments that will reduce oil production, speed up skin cell turnover, fight bacterial infection, reduce inflammation, or all four. The best acne treatment for you depends on the severity of your acne. It may take weeks before you see any improvements and sometimes with antibiotics for acne, things get worse […]

Herbal acne treatment

Suffering from acne can be frustrating, embarrassing and painful all at the same time. For some people acne will come and go through the puberty years but for others it is a lifelong battle that has never gone away. Some may suffer from the occasional outbreak where others may have acne everyday no matter what […]

Laser acne treatment

Acne actually affects about 80% of the population at some point in their lives. Many people only experience this stubborn skin problem when they are in their teenage years, but for some it continues through adulthood. It is important to treat active acne because if it is left untreated it can cause scarring. Some people […]

Acne face wash

There are a lot of different kinds of products that you can use if you need a reliable acne face wash. However, it is important to remember that acne breakouts result in different people for a variety of reasons. This means that there are different formulations that are used to create an acne face wash […]

Acne skin care

Caring for skin and make-up is said to be the expertise of women. Few men are fans of make-up, although many of them take care of their skin. Some of us may feel that skin care and make-up are two different subjects; however, they are intricately related because make-up works best if you possess healthy […]