Supplemental dental insurance

Supplemental dental insurance is insurance you carry in addition to your current health care coverage. Some health insurance plans may offer limited dental coverage but most dental needs are not covered. Even a regular dental plan may not be enough to give you adequate insurance on all dental procedures. If you purchase supplemental insurance you will have more control over dental care expenses and will not have to pay huge amounts out of pocket for expensive treatments. People usually buy supplemental dental insurance from a company separate from their regular dental insurance provider. Purchasing supplemental dental insurance is not dependent on your job or where you live. Not all employers offer dental insurance nowadays. Even if employers do offer it they may not offer a plan that provides adequate protection and you may want to purchase an additional plan on your own. Supplemental dental insurance is not meant to be primary insurance. There are all kinds of dental plans available that can be considered supplemental, including the discount dental plans.

Supplemental dental insurance can be very affordable and the rising cost of dental care has led many people to securing supplemental dental insurance. Most Americans can not afford to pay the full cost of dental care nowadays. It has really gotten expensive. 40% of all Americans are not getting the dental treatments they need due to the increased cost of dental treatments now. Employer sponsored dental plans usually only offer minimum coverage now as well so the only viable option for most is to purchase supplemental coverage on your own. Primary dental insurance will cover fillings, root canals, crowns etc. However such things like orthodontics, whitening, veneers and other such cosmetic dental services are not covered. A supplemental dental insurance can help cover such treatments.

There are PPO or Preferred Provider Organization dental plans that can be purchases as a supplemental plan. These are the dental plans where you get to go to a dentist that you choose from a list. The dentists on the list offer discounts which are deducted from the total amount and then paid for by the PPO plan. You can also purchase HMO supplemental dental insurance plans. There is usually a waiting period before supplemental dental which can be up to 6 months for expensive treatments.

Before purchasing supplemental dental insurance find out exactly what your existing plan covers. If you have limited coverage you will want to get a plan that will cover things that your regular plan does not cover. If you have children make sure that orthodontics are covered as well. Keep in mind the amount of potential dental work you need done. You can go online and research supplemental dental insurance plans to find the best policy for your needs. Supplemental dental insurance plans normally offer you discounts on various dental treatments. These types of policies are available for individuals, families, self employed and small businesses. You can find group policies that can include your family and friends which will cover periodic dental check ups and major dental surgeries. Students can also get this kind of dental insurance to help cover dental treatments. There are all kinds of dental plans for students. College students can find discounted plans that help cover the cost of dental care while in college as well. Costs for student supplemental dental insurance can be from $125-$175 per year per student.

When shopping for supplemental dental insurance be sure to compare plan prices. You can also go online and read reviews about the various providers and plans. Your dentist may also be able to suggest a dental insurance provider that offers supplemental insurance at affordable prices.

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