Stretch mark removal

A lot of people have stretch marks that they hate and want to get rid of. Stretch marks are scars that show on the skin that have been caused by the skin stretching too far too fast with a substantial amount of weight gain. These are most often common in women after pregnancy, but can happen to anyone that has gained weight. When we gain weight our skin stretches down into the dermis layer and this is what causes the red or purple looking marks that we see. Over time these marks will fade to a lighter grey, silvery or tan color, but they will never go away completely. Although these marks pose no health risk to us they can become annoying and bothersome to our eyes and they way we perceive ourselves and our bodies.

So many people are on the lookout for a way to remove stretch marks. Although results vary from person to person, there have been some newer treatments with laser resurfacing that have offered results in some. This treatment uses a laser to scatter light pulses to zap the scar causing a microscopic wound to the scar which makes the body create new collagen and epithelium. There seems to be about a 75% success rate in people with certain skin types and usually it takes several treatments in order to achieve results. Also it seems to work better in newer stretch marks that are still in the purple or red phase. Once a stretch mark has turned grey or silver then it is really too late to achieve any results with laser treatments.

For those that are concerned with an over abundance of stretch marks on the lower stomach due to weight gain or pregnancy, one of the best procedures to ultimately remove stretch marks from that area is a tummy tuck. This is where the skin that has stretch marks is removed from the body and the stomach skin is then pulled together to form a new tighter smoother stomach. This is only possible in people who have an excess amount of skin that could be removed. After child birth or a significant weight loss people often have excess skin that can be removed. Keep in mind this procedure is major cosmetic surgery and can be quite expensive.

The best way to control stretch marks is through prevention. There are times in which this isn’t always possible, such as children growing quickly during puberty or in pregnancy. However, by controlling your diet and really keeping a close eye on the amount of weight you can and how quickly you gain weight you can avoid stretch marks on the body. For pregnant women studies have shown that certain moisturizers that contain vitamin E and collagen-elastin hydrolysates applied daily during pregnancy can help prevent severe stretch marks. This may not work for everyone but possibly by keeping the skin moist it can help the stretching process. For pregnant women you will really want to keep a close eye on your stomach towards the later part of pregnancy. Start watching what you eat and try to avoid water retention since this is also a contributing factor to excess and quick weight gain.

Unfortunately curing stretch marks is not just a quick fix. Since it’s the deepest layer of the dermis that has been damaged there is just not a whole lot to be done without cosmetic surgery to remove the actual damaged skin itself. The best way to deal with stretch marks is through prevention and monitoring your weight gain, although this may not always be easy to do.

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