Stress management

Most people in this world are dealt with a handful of stress. We are always trying to juggle several things on a daily basis, often not having enough time in our day to complete our never ending task list. Going to work or school, raising families, dealing with finances, keeping up with our houses, shopping or errands, all contribute to having stress. Some people deal with stress very well, while others seem to have moments of anxiety or even anger. We all handle things differently. Life will continue to cause us stress, but fortunately there are something’s that we can try to help ourselves deal with it a little better.

The first thing you can do is evaluate your situation. Are you trying to take on too much? Often we find that we are stressed because we have committed to doing too much. Obviously there are some responsibilities that we cannot let go of, such as providing a living or raising our children, but there may be a few smaller things that may not be as important.

Make sure you are getting enough exercise. Of course, exercise does wonders for our overall health, but alleviating stress can be a major benefit. Find some form of exercise that you consider fun. If you hate exercising the traditional way then get out and find something that you do enjoy. You do not want exercising to become another stressful task on your list. Exercising will help speed up the blood flow to your brain, eliminating toxic waste. While exercising, your body will release endorphins into your blood and these give you a feeling of happiness. It has been proven that people who exercise regularly and are more physically fit show lower levels of stress.

A few other simple lifestyle changes could include eating right and getting enough sleep. Eating a healthy diet provides your body and mind with the nutrients they need to perform at their best. When we fill up on junk or fast foods we are robbing our bodies of the proper nutrition therefore resulting in a sluggish feeling and a foggy mind. Getting enough sleep can be crucial to handling stress. Everything seems much worse when we are running on little sleep. Our brains cannot think well and our body becomes worn out. In order to stay alert throughout the day, make sure you allow enough time for sleep. Give your mind the chance it needs to rest.

Make sure you are surrounding yourself with people and relationships that are positive and healthy. If you find that your marriage is causing you stress, you may want to look into getting some counseling. Sometimes things such as our social life and finances can have the greatest impact on our stress levels. If this is your case, try getting an expert’s opinion on how to solve some of your issues. There are advisors in different fields that could help you minimize debt or help you with your relationships. Take advantage of any help you can get.

Other ways of dealing with stress are by using relaxation techniques that are designed to slower the breathing and help to relax the mind and body. Yoga, meditation, prayer, visualization and massage are all used in helping a person lower stress levels. When you are feeling stressed sometimes it is beneficial to just step away from a situation, go into a quiet room and take a few deep breaths. This will allow you time to think clearly and regroup your thoughts.

There is no way we will ever be able to escape the stresses of everyday living, but taking a few different approaches to dealing with stress may be the key to helping you manage your stress levels a bit better.


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