Stop smoking hypnotherapy

There are literally thousands of stop-smoking aids on the market today. You can walk into any drug store and see shelves loaded with products from nicotine gum and patches to pills and inhalers. One of the lesser known and one of the most successful ways to stop smoking is hypnotherapy. The success rates of using stop smoking hypnotherapy are actually double those of the popular nicotine patch and gum. While many people have an overall awareness of hypnosis and what it entails, many have never considered this method to help them to kick the nicotine habit for good.

Hypnosis is a concentrated way to force you to relax. Force may be a strong word. A better way to explain hypnosis is this – it allows you to completely relax while you focus all of your conscious attention and energy on a particular problem or the result that you would like to see from that problem. You do not simply go to sleep during hypnosis and wake up cured of your problem. Hypnosis works with your subconscious and allows you to input your desired result into your subconscious, giving you a much better chance at success. By reprogramming your subconscious you can begin to change your behavior. In this case you would begin to change your smoking habit. By bypassing your conscious mind and going straight to the subconscious, you have the ability to teach yourself from the inside and this is where the will to stop smoking comes from.

Of course, most people who think of hypnosis will see a man strutting around clucking like a chicken whenever someone snaps their fingers. Hypnosis is a real therapy and can work wonders for those with various addiction problems. It is not simply putting you into a trance. It is instead, working with the most natural state of your brain. When you reach past the conscious and begin to work with the subconscious you are in effect using a self-hypnosis technique. Imagine when you are driving and you begin to relax and think about your day or other things that may come across your mind, without focusing on the actual road that you are driving. You may pass or come to your destination without even realizing that you were close to arriving. Many people read books and allow their minds to wander while reading. They will then go back several pages and realize that while they were in their own world during reading those pages, they did actually remember seeing the words on each page. These are examples of entering your subconscious and are very much like self-hypnosis.

You can use self-hypnosis to stop smoking or you can enlist the help of a certified hypnotherapist. While self-hypnosis is possible, it is important to keep in mind that in order for it to be successful you must have the ability to completely relax yourself and your mind while still guiding yourself through the process of quitting smoking. Again, this technique is very possible but may take some time to get just right.

A certified hypnotherapist has undergone specific educational requirements and training to aid you in your attempt to stop smoking. Some may only require one therapy session while others may need three or more in order to help you to completely stop smoking. The number of sessions you will need will depend on the therapist that you choose as well as your habit itself.

There is also a method that allows you to use both self-hypnosis as well as the help of a certified hypnotherapist to quit smoking. This method involves listening to a recorded hypnotherapy session that is provided by a professional or certified hypnotherapist. This gives you the ability to help yourself when you have the time to do so while still offering more professional results than self-hypnosis. This is also a far less expensive method than going to a hypnotherapist and it gives you the convenience and flexibility that you may need with your busy schedule. There are currently both audio and video stop smoking hypnotherapy courses or programs that you can use to help yourself to kick the smoking habit for good.

Studies over the years have shown hypnosis methods to be very effective in helping patients to stop smoking. The success rates for many programs are as high as 70 percent. The main benefits of using hypnotherapy to stop smoking include a reduced stress limit for those undergoing the therapy and an overall change in attitude toward smoking which effectively aids in eliminating the need or the will to smoke.

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