STD symptoms in men

An STD is a sexually transmitted disease that is highly contagious and can be passed directly from one person to another through sexual contact. When a man contracts a sexually transmitted disease he may be unaware of it at first. Most men have been instructed on the practice of safe sex and have been told to use condoms as a preventative measure against sexually transmitted diseases. However, the use of condoms is not a guarantee that men or women will not get an STD.

Men who have just contracted an STD will not exhibit any symptoms of the disease for the first few weeks or months. Sometimes STD symptoms in men can be confused with other diseases at first but most men will usually not go to the doctor to be diagnosed until they absolutely have to. STD symptoms in men can very depending on which STD they have contracted.

STD symptoms in men who have bacterial gonorrhea are virtually nonexistent for the first several weeks. Then men who have gonorrhea will begin to notice they are developing a simple case of urinary infrequency. After that the ST symptoms in men with gonorrhea will progress to abscesses in their pubic area and swelling of the testicles. This swelling can develop to the point of interfering with daily activities because of the pain. Complications can arise involving the prostate gland. The urinary tract can become very scarred and complications from that can cause men to become infertile.

STD symptoms in men with syphilis begin with the appearance of a sore where this bacterium first entered the man’s body. It usually takes around three weeks for the sore to develop after the man first becomes infected. However, sometimes it can take up to 90 days before this happens. During this time men who have syphilis are very contagious. The sore can develop anywhere in the genital area and on the penis and is often not painful. Typically this sort will last for up to 42 days and will heal on its own. However, the man is still contagious and can pass syphilis onto others. STD symptoms in men with syphilis will also be in the form of a rash that will develop from 4 to 10 weeks after this sore heals. When the rash appears on the body it means that the disease is spreading throughout the entire body. The rash is usually a reddish brown color that has long flat or raised sores in it. Sometimes a rash can look like any other common kind of skin rash. There may be puss in the small sores of the rash and it may even look like moist warts. STD symptoms of men with syphilis who have dark skin may develop a rash that is lighter in color than the rest of their skin. The rash will usually last from 2 to 12 weeks and will clear up on its own.

Men who have syphilis will usually develop a fever that is less than 101 F and will have a sore throat and feelings of weakness throughout the whole body. STD symptoms of men with syphilis will then begin to exhibit themselves in the form of unexplained weight loss. The hair on the eyebrows and eyelashes may begin to fall out too. Swelling of the lymph nodes will be present. Other STD symptoms of men with syphilis can include a stiff neck and headaches, problems with hearing or vision, irritability and in extreme cases the man they become paralyzed. STD symptoms in men can also include a discharge from the penis or the anus. The skin of men who have an STD may become yellow with jaundice and they may develop thrush or a yeast infection on the tongue. If you are experiencing any of these STD symptoms in men you should immediately go to your doctor for treatment.

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