Staph infection

A staph infection is an infection involving the group of bacteria called Staphylococcus. This form of bacteria can cause a wide range of disease that involves many parts of the body. Some staph infections can be mild whereas others can be very severe and can result in death if left untreated. As of now, there are at least 30 or more types of Staphylococci that can result in infections regarding human beings. 20-30% of healthy people are natural carriers of the Staphylococci bacteria that live on the skin and in the nose. For these people the bacteria do not cause harm, however once a person has an injury to the skin the staph bacteria can take over and infect the area.

If you have a wound to the skin that has developed pus or has become swollen, extremely red or very painful then you may have a staph infection. Staph infections must be treated right away. If left untreated the bacteria can spread into the bloodstream and travel to organs inside the body. Once this happens in the infection can take over and cause serious health problems. If the infection spreads to the lungs, abscesses can form and cause breathing problems. Another extremely dangerous infection could involve the heart. Once the staph bacteria reaches the heart valves heart failure becomes a potential risk. Staph bacteria can also cause skin conditions, breast abscesses and bone infections.

There are a couple other forms of staph bacteria that can infect the body without entering through the skin. Staphylococcus can also enter the body through contaminated food. This form of food poisoning causes diarrhea and vomiting which can result in dehydration. This condition can need medical attention however with proper hydration the illness can pass within 24-72 hours. Another form of staph infection is called Toxic Shock Syndrome. This is caused by the staph aureus bacteria. This form of infection can cause very dangerous symptoms which can ultimately lead to death when not treated right away.

As you can see, staph bacteria can invade the body in different ways and cause severe problems. At the first sign of a staph infection a person should seek medical attention right away. Once your doctor has diagnosed you with having a staph infection, the treatment method will depend on the severity of the infection. For minor skin infections an antibiotic ointment may be able to do the trick. For others, oral antibiotics may need to be prescribed to fight the infection from the inside out. If a skin infection has gotten to the point where an abscess has formed, then a surgical procedure may be necessary in order to drain the infection from the wound.

For those who are suffering from an infection that has spread throughout the body and has become life-threatening, antibiotics will be necessary to administer intravenously. There is one last form of staph bacteria that is resistant to all antibiotics in the methicillin class. This form of staph infection is called MRSA which stands for Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. When it comes to treating this strand of bacteria, other forms of antibiotics, besides the traditional forms including penicillin, amoxicillin and oxacillin, need to be used to fight the infection. The key to treating all forms of staph infections is to catch the bacteria early on before it becomes too bad and enters into the bloodstream.

With early intervention, staph infections can be treated and cured without severe side effects. Remember to keep all wounds clean and treated with antibiotic medications to lesson your risk for developing a serious staph infection. Always seek medical attention of you start developing any of the symptoms of a staph infection.

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