SPF moisturizer

SPF moisturizer allows you to moisturize your face while protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. There are many SPF moisturizers on the market today with different sun protection factors and unique qualities about each. For instance, many SPF moisturizers also contain healthy antioxidants which help protect your skin from aging and disease. There are many types of SPF moisturizers to choose from with different levels of sun protection. Some even do triple-action as a foundation, too.

The ultraviolet rays from the sun not only burn your skin but cause your skin to sag and wrinkle prematurely. Even if it is not very hot or sunny outside, the sun and ultraviolet rays still damage your skin cells. Also, skin cancer is one of the highest preventable diseases. It would be silly to focus so much on keeping your face blemish-free and covered with make up, and then forgetting to use SPF when you go out in the sun. All that effort would be lost when your face begins to get wrinkles and even warning signs of cancer. With helpful products like SPF moisturizer you can remember the importance of protecting your skin while also providing nourishment to your face.

SPF moisturizer is effective all year long, regardless if the sun is visible in the sky or not. In the summer months, SPF moisturizer is useful for protecting the face against sunburns, wrinkles, and other damage. When the skin becomes damaged, the body produces more oil to prevent dryness. So if you are looking to get a tan, you will risk getting more acne from the excess oil production. In the colder months, SPF moisturizer is useful against chapped and cracked, dry skin. The moisturizer keeps the skin nourished with nutrients and water, and the SPF protects the skin from the reflected UV rays from the snow.

The SPF factor is a number that tells the consumer how long until the sun begins to damage the skin. Usually the number is multiplied by ten to get the number of minutes until the skin begins to burn from the sun. The SPF number ranges from 2 to 100. Most common SPF ranges with moisturizer is 2-45. The SPF 2 means that it will take 20 minutes until the risk of sun damage. Choosing the right SPF depends on how often you are outside, your geographical location, and the time of year. Even if you will just be outside for under an hour, it helps to put on some SPF 15 moisturizer before going out to protect yourself. In the case of skin damage, every little bit counts. The damage done to your skin can be expensive and in some cases, irreversible.

SPF moisturizers can come tinted with color. This way the product can be used as a liquid foundation. This multitasking approach works perfectly for women on the go. They can use one product to fulfill three skin care needs: sun protection, moisture, and foundation color. Since the popularity of SPF moisturizers is rising, there are more colors to choose from for the right shade. This will compete against the foundations that do not provide these extra protection factors and will make SPF moisturizer a wise option. Also, just like some sunscreens, SPF moisturizer can come as water resistant. These smart products can now be used in the water such as in the pool or at the beach.

Before going out in the sun, it is a good idea to invest in this triple-action product. The SPF moisturizer offers many benefits to protecting the skin, offering color in tinted moisturizers, and even come water resistant for the best options available. This will encourage more women to protect their skin.

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  1. I don’t think many people understand the importance of choosing a moisturizer with SPF instead of one without. The moisturizer has the same effect but gives that extra protection against your skin.
    However I was not aware that SPF moisturizers come tinted too.

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