Social phobia treatment

There have been all kinds of phobias identified by the professionals that are common to the human race. One type that is quite common is called social phobia. This is really an anxiety disorder that many people. The person who has such a phobia is very uncomfortable in certain social situations. The social phobia most people experience involves the fear of being scrutinized by others. Along with the fear of scrutiny is an over whelming feeling that the person is going to be put into an embarrassing or humiliating situation in public. The person who has social phobia will normally shy away from social situations like dating, eating in restaurants, going to dinner parties or other social functions that involve interacting with others. As a result people who have such a phobia will begin to isolate themselves from society.

Social phobia treatment for such people will depend on the degree of the severity of their phobia. There are various levels of this phobia that range from mild to tolerable to severe. When a person has severe social phobias they need to seek out a professional who can administer the level of the social phobia treatment they need under a doctor’s care. People who have mild social phobia can be very shy to the point that others perceive them as being eccentric. Such a terribly shy person may only need to find the right self help social phobia treatment that can help them remedy their shyness on their own. A self help social phobia treatment can help them to restore their self esteem and get over being shy. Self help for such phobias can range from books to video or audio CDs that the person can use on their own. There are many such self help aids on the market that have been written by professionals in the field of social phobia treatment.

A more severe form of social phobia treatment involves the use of certain types of prescription medications that have been used traditionally to treat social phobias. In the past, these medications have been the standard form of social phobia treatment. However, there are some very serious side effects that are associated with taking such medications to treat this disorder. Some side effects of medication used for social phobia treatment are nausea, stomach pain, diarrhea, muscle aches, loss of libido, memory loss and the inability to feel emotions. You should consult with your doctor if you are suffering from social phobias and be evaluated for severity before agreeing to take medication for this disorder.

A less risky social phobia treatment is behavior therapy. With this type of therapy the person who has social phobias is taught by professionals how to deal with social situations that make them uncomfortable. Under the guidance of a professional the person can begin to regain a sense of control over his or her life. Cognitive therapy is another form of social phobia treatment. With cognitive therapy the patient is taught how to reduce or change their negative way of thinking in social settings. They learn how to recognize the thoughts that are causing the anxiety and how to deal with them.

Many times social phobias have a lot to do with negative self talk so the patient learns to recognize what they are telling themselves in a social setting. The person is gradually able to get control of their life back and can once again enjoy social interactions without feeling fear and anxiety. Cognitive therapy is considered the best form of social phobia treatment available nowadays. An alternative treatment for social phobias is hypnosis. Meditation is also used a lot to help people with such phobias however the effectiveness of this type of treatment has not been determined yet.

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