Sleep apnea machine

People who have sleep apnea are usually prescribed a sleep apnea machine to help the deal with their sleeping disorder. There are two types of sleep apnea machines. One is a continuous positive airway pressure device (CPAP}. This machine helps individuals with sleep apnea to be able to get a better night’s sleep. The CPAP sleep apnea machine consists of a mask, tubes and a fan. You wear the mask over your mouth and it uses air pressure to push the tongue forward so that the throat remains open while sleeping. This prevents snoring and other sleeping problems that are caused by sleep apnea. Although the machine will not cure sleep apnea, it should be used every night by the person who has this medical condition.

The other type of sleep apnea machine is called a BiPAP machine. A BiPAP sleep apnea machine determines the oxygen level in the lungs and sends an adequate amount of air into the patient’s lungs as needed. This type of sleep apnea machine is best used by people who are overweight or who suffer from neuro-muscular disorders. A BiPAP machine is also used when the patient can not tolerate the CPAP machine.

When you go into a sleep center to be evaluated for sleep apnea they will test the machines on you and determine which sleep apnea machine will be best for you. The sleep center will usually start off by testing the CPAP machine on you to see what the best level of air pressure is for you. Many people have trouble with their sleep apnea machine at first. After a short time the person gets used to wearing the device at night. At first they may experience a dry and stuffy nose. Using a humidifier will help add moisture to the air so that wearing the mask will not be as uncomfortable as it would be otherwise. Different masks may need to be tired until you find on that fits you the best also. Using nasal spray will also help relieve the feeling of a stuffy or blocked nose. A mouth breather will need a full face or oral mask, because just a nose CPAP mask will not work as well for them.

The sleep apnea mask may cause skin irritation for some people too. There are moisturizers that can be used that are specially made to be used with a sleep apnea machine. Other types of moisturizers can damage the mask. You should ask your doctor to recommend which moisturizers are best used with the sleep apnea mask. The oral and the nasal mask both take some getting used to. A lot of people can not wear one all night. However, it is better for the patient’s health if they do and you can slowly work up to wearing it all night. Each type of mask also has head gear that must be worn with it as well.

Your health care provider will help determine which mask is best for you. The mask must fit well on the patient’s face or else the efficiency of the sleep apnea machine will be diminished. The CPAP is the most popular type of sleep apnea machine. It can be used to treat the two types of sleep apnea which are obstructive and central. The required air pressure level normally ranges between four and twenty centimeters. The health care provided will determine which level is required for each individual patient which is also determined by the severity of their sleep apnea.

You can purchase a sleep apnea machine online. You should make sure you have gone in for a sleep study to get a professional diagnosis and information on what type of machine and air pressure level you need and which type of mask is the best kind for you.

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