Skin wrinkles treatment

We may not be able to prevent the aging process from occurring but there are a few things we can do to help minimize the amount of wrinkles we get at an early age. By taking a few precautions now, we may be able to lesson the severity of the wrinkles we get in future years.

The first and most important way of reducing the wrinkles is by using sunscreen on a daily basis. Not everyone thinks about the importance of using sunscreen. A lot of folks feel that they do not need sunscreen everyday but the truth is that we all get sun damage everyday. Just being outside for a short amount of time can cause damage to our skin, especially the skin on our faces. The skin on our faces is much thinner than the skin on the rest of our bodies therefore is more easily damaged by the suns powerful rays. By applying sunscreen to your face everyday it will help prevent wrinkles and fine lines from appearing down the road.

Another way of preventing wrinkles is by moisturizing daily. Making sure our faces retain as much of their natural oils and moisture is crucial when it comes to warding off wrinkles. When our faces get dried out it causes the skin to look aged and unhealthy.

Other treatments for wrinkles include using topical ointments and creams. Prescription ointments that are derived from Vitamin A can help reduce the finer lines and wrinkles in the skin. At the same time, Vitamin A can help eliminate the appearance of patchy skin pigmentation and smooth out roughness on the skins surface. Even though these ointments can offer many benefits they must also be used in conjunction with sunscreen to avoid the skin from burning too easily. These creams can also have other side effects that can be discussed with your doctor. There are also wrinkle creams that can be purchased over-the-counter. Some of these creams may work better than others depending on the ingredients used. Most of them offer some results however most offer only limited results and are usually not long lasting unless the cream is used daily.

For those that are already noticing the effects of aging and are frustrated with their wrinkles there may be a few other options available. Some of these techniques can become quite expensive and they all offer different levels of results as well as their own risks of side effects. Some of the most popular techniques used are dermabrasion and microdermabrasion. Dermabrasion consists of sanding the surface of the skin with a rotating brush. The sanding process is also referred to as planing. This process removes the skins surface allowing new skin to grow in place of the old. With microdermabrasion less skin is removed and the process is performed using a vacuum suctioning device. At the same time aluminum oxide crystals exfoliate the skin. Dermabrasion usually takes weeks to months to see results and can cause redness, swelling and scabs on the face that last up to a couple weeks. Microdermabrasion may cause redness on the skin but also requires more visits to achieve results.

Other options include laser treatments, chemical peels, botox, skin -fillers and face lift surgery. Laser treatments and chemical peels are used to destroy the outer layers of the skin similar to the dermabrasion and microdermabrasion techniques. Skin fillers are injections used to fill the face under the skin to fill in areas that may need to be fuller or flatter. Botox injections are used to keep certain muscles in the face from tightening which allows them to look smoother. Having a face-lift involves cutting around the face and pulling the skin tighter on the face, removing excess fat and skin. Face-lift results generally last 5-10 years, but it is major surgery and risks are always associated with any cosmetic surgery.

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