Skin moisturizer

Skin moisturizers have many ingredients that work to moisturize, soothe, and protect your skin. Skin moisturizers can also improve skin tone and mask imperfections. It all depends on what ingredients are used. This list of ingredients commonly found in skin moisturizers will help you to decide on the best one for your needs.

Humectants absorb water from the air and keep it on the outermost layer of your skin. They also soften the skin if it is dry, cracked, or scaly. These include urea and glycerin. Emollients like petroleum and lanolin help to smooth the skin by filling in the spaces between cells on your skin. The result is a soft, smoothed appearance. Oil based emollients may leave a residue, so if your skin is already oily you may be better off choosing a water-based moisturizer which has a light, non-greasy feel. Oil-based moisturizers stay on longer and may last longer, because you will have to constantly keep applying water-based moisturizers because they do not last long on the skin. Vitamins, minerals, and fragrances are all found in skin moisturizers. They help to provide nutrients to your skin cells and help your body smell fresh. There are many types of fragrances, but be careful because most skin irritations are caused by the fragrance in the moisturizer. If you are allergic to fragrances or have sensitive skin, make sure that you read how much fragrance is in the moisturizer.

All moisturizers contain some preservatives to help prevent bacteria build up in the bottle. These should not deter from the effectiveness of the moisturizer. There are also all-natural moisturizers if you would rather avoid putting chemicals on your skin.

Some moisturizers contain sunscreens that do double duty to protect your face as well as sooth burns. These sunscreens can range from SPF 5-50 or more, and the most common SPF for skin moisturizers is SPF 15. If you are going to be out in the sun for a long time, such as at the beach, it is better to use a real strong sunscreen rather than rely on your moisturizer.

Others contain sunless tanners that also moisturize the skin. Smooth, healthy skin is vital to a good sunless tan, and any consistencies in your skin will result in uneven tan lines. It is best to exfoliate the skin gently, pat dry, and put on the moisturizer with sunless tanner evenly and apply a thin layer. Make sure you get all parts of your body that you want tan. After, scrub your hands to prevent orange hands since the cells on your hands absorb more than the rest of the body.

Many moisturizers contain natural plant extracts such as aloe to help sooth the skin. These are great additions to the moisturizing factor and help to provide other advantages to using the moisturizer. There are some moisturizers that claim to reduce the appearance of dimple, cellulite, or wrinkles on your skin. Some of these were not tested and should be taken with precaution. It is helpful for the skin to be moisturized, but don’t rely on them to perform miracles or magic. There are some moisturizers that can help the appearance of these conditions temporarily, but they will usually be very expensive.

Skin moisturizers contain a lot of ingredients that help to improve the health of your skin. Make sure to choose the right one by paying attention to the ingredients. Stay away from preservatives and chemicals if you want to stay natural, and make sure to test the product on a small sample of skin such as on your forearm to make sure you won’t have any allergic reactions or irritation if the product or fragrance is too strong.

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