Sinus infection symptoms

Having a sinus infection can really bog you down. We can all suffer from many different types of head congestion. We can have allergies, sinus problems and we can get the common cold that can clog our heads and cause us to feel lousy. Although we may battle with all these types of ailments, it is important to know exactly what you are dealing with.

Sinus infections are caused by a few different things. Any type of irritation to the sinuses can lead to an eventual sinus infection. Breathing harsh chemicals, dry air, cigarette smoke, allergies and having a cold can all lead to getting a sinus infection. Also having any sort of blockage in the sinus cavity which prevents the sinuses from draining properly can lead to an infection. Tumors or growths in the nose can cause this to occur.

There are a few symptoms that sinus infections can cause. The first symptom of a sinus infection is headache. Headaches can be caused by the increased pressure in the sinus cavity. These types of headaches may become worsened by leaning over or standing up too quickly. Headaches can also be caused by fever which is also a common symptom of having a sinus infection. Fevers are common whenever our body is trying to fight off an infection within the body. Pain can be felt behind the eyes, in the ears, cheeks, neck, shoulders and even in the jaw bones. If the infection becomes too bad, eating may even become painful due to the pressure in the face. Sinus congestion that does not go away with over the counter medications can be another sign of a sinus infection. The feeling of stuffiness that is not relieved by blowing or is accompanied by colored mucus may mean you have a sinus infection.

There are sinus infections that are viral and some that are bacterial. If you happen to get a viral infection then there is no need for prescription medications. Usually the sinus infection will clear on its own within a few days. Using over the counter pain medications, nasal decongestants and nose sprays can help eliminate some of the side effects. However if you have a bacterial sinus infection, the symptoms will continue to worsen over time and may need antibiotics to be cured. If you have a sinus infection that lasts longer than a few days, seems to be worsening, and is not relieved with the use of nasal medications and pain relievers then it’s probably time to see a doctor.

Waiting on a sinus infection to heal can be painful and bothersome. There are a few things you may be able to do at home to get some relief from the symptoms. Most importantly, rest whenever you have the chance. When our bodies are in a weakened state we need to rest as much as we can. Also stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids. Dehydration will cause the sinuses to dry out further, causing even more stuffiness. Try taking a steamy shower or sleeping with a vaporizer in your bedroom at night. The hot moist air can really soothe the nasal passages and release some of the pressure that has built up inside the head. Lying down with a hot wash cloth across the face can also help loosen the sinuses. Some people find that eating spicy foods or making a spicy drink can help get the nose running which can allow you to feel better as well.

Unfortunately sinus infections can be quite frustrating and can cause a tremendous amount of pain. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms then you should see your doctor to prevent the infection from worsening and causing even more side effects.

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  1. GDC says:

    Yes indeed, sinus infections can be a major drag and get in the way of just about EVERYTHING in life.

    I always tell people to start w/ nasal irrigation which may sound like less than a good time but can really help. Definitely start here before any kind of meds, in my opinion.

    There have also been advances in treating chronic sinusitis, most of which come in to play after you have a ct scan. Balloon sinuplasty is getting offered up as an alternative to traditional sinus surgery but like w/ anything else talk to your doctor because every case is different.

    Thanks for posting and Be Well!

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