Silymarin extract

Milk thistle has been known to promote health through the numerous benefits it provides. And such benefits have led to the increasing use of milk thistle by both men and women. Even it is beneficial for children. However, what many people do not know is that milk thistle would have been of little help if it had not contained silymarin. This substance – which is actually a herb – is present in the highest concentration in milk thistle. As a result, all the benefits of milk thistle can be attributed to silymarin.

Just like milk thistle has been used for generations, the use of silymarin is also not new. In fact, it has been used for centuries. The study of history suggests that the ancient Romans and the ancient Greeks have been the earliest users of silymarin. These civilizations knew about the power of this herb. In addition, they also knew how they could achieve the most effective extract of the herb.

Fascinated by the significant roles of the herb, scientists have undertaken a number of studies on silymarin, even though the cost of such studies is very high and can run up to more than a million dollars. So far, only a few discoveries have come out of these expensive studies. However, scientists are hopeful that some momentous results will be achieved in the near future.

So, what is the function of sylimarin? Its main use lies in the protection of a vital organ in the body – namely, the liver. Silymarin keeps the liver protected from harmful substances such as alcohol, drugs and toxins. Since users of drugs and alcohol are at an increasing danger from liver disorders, silymarin is an absolute necessity for these people. Silymarin also keeps the liver healthy by inducing the production of new cells in the liver. The old cells – which are no longer effective – are then replaced by the new cells. The continuous replacement of old liver cells by new one makes the liver perform its functions well. In addition, silymarin stops a large amount of poisonous substances from entering the liver – thus avoiding too much pressure on the liver.

Another important feature of silymarin is its strength as an antioxidant. Its antioxidizing ability is even higher than that of other common antioxidants such as Vitamin E and Vitamin C. Thus silymarin are better in stopping free radicals from reacting with cells. In this way, silymarin prevents the skin cells from aging early and also protects the body from a number of diseases.

Silymarin also makes the body’s immune system stronger. That’s why people who consume silymarin suffer less from diseases caused by viruses – such as flu, cold and cough. It also heals stones formed in the gall bladder and prevents further stones from forming. People with skin diseases – such as acne and psoriasis – also feel better by using silymarin.

However, no matter how effective silymarin is, the best results can only be achieved through incorporating it into the regular diet. Taking a supplement of silymarin is even better. In this way, most of the consumed silymarin can be absorbed by the body. However, 80 per cent of the supplement must be made of silymarin. The absorption rate is further increased (to more than 1000 per cent) if it is used in addition to choline and inositol.

Consumers should check before buying sylimarin supplement. There are many supplements containing sylimarin extracts available in the market. However, not all of them are effective – partly because they contain less than the optimal 80 per cent proportion of sylimarin. Also, people should be patient while using sylimarin since it will take time before the benefits are apparent.

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