Silicone penile injections

Silicone penile injections have been used to treat erectile dysfunction and to augment the size of the male sex organ for a little more than 50 years now. There are mixed results and mixed reviews on this subject. Men who are not satisfied the size that their penis can go to certain locations to have this organ enlarged by silicone penile injection. These injections however do not extend the length of the penis. Silicone penile injections only increase the width of the penis. Silicone penile injections involve injecting silicone into the shaft of the penis and the scrotum. The enlargement of the penis girth can be so extraordinary at times that it may cause sexual intercourse to become difficult, if not impossible, for the male. It should be noted that this procedure is irreversible as well. Silicone penile injections can cause a disruption in the nerves, blood vessels and tissue of the penis. Men who have undergone this procedure have reported the loss of the sensation in the penis.

Some male porn stars have chosen to undergo silicone penile injections because the results are immediate and fast acting. However, undergoing silicone injections is a risky process which may cause a permanent loss of enjoyment during sexual intercourse for these men. The silicone is supposed to be injected with a special kind of hypodermic syringe that allows it to be shut off without removing the tip of the syringe from the body which gives better control over the amount of silicone being injected. It is supposed to be injected to predetermined cc ratio per square inch. If the man unwittingly goes to an unscrupulous medical practitioner who does not use such a special syringe the results can be disastrous as the penis can sometimes end up being enlarged to the point that penetration during intercourse will be impossible.

Also other negative side affects can include a discoloration of the tissues surrounding the penis. There is also the risk of developing granulomas, which is a swelling of tissues in surrounding areas, including the scrotum. This swelling can also begin to spread from the injection site to other parts of the body. Certain men may also be allergic to silicone. Because of all of these risks the FDA has not approved the use of silicone penile injections for enlargement. Silicone penile injections of this type are simply not safe nor worth the risks.

The process of silicone penile injections begins by injecting silicone into the male organ or scrotum, however the silicone can migrate to other parts of the body and create all kinds negative side effects. Men who undergo silicone penile injections are also putting themselves at risk of becoming unable to obtain an erection. This is because the silicone can interfere with the blood flow to the penis. Being unable to obtain an erection can prevent the ability to engage in sexual intercourse. Men who are thinking about going for silicone penile injections should take into account the very real possibility of disfigurement as well as the very real possibility of them being unable to ever have satisfying sexual encounters ever again. The trade-off for a wider penis may definitely be not worth it for all men. There are many other safer alternatives for male enhancement available that men should explore before undergoing such drastic risks for size enlargement. There are some all natural herbs on the market that claim to help increase size that are much safer than undergoing penile silicone injections. It is illegal to get silicone penile injections in the United States and Canada but some doctors who have immigrated to the U.S. have been known to do them illegally here. Also, you can travel to Central and South America as well as the UK for such injections.

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