Sildenafil citrate

Sildenafil citrate, more commonly known as Viagra, is by far the most commonly prescribed drug meant to deal with erectile dysfunction. It has been on the market for more than 10 years and it has a great safety record behind it. Not many people realize that when it was first created, the “Blue Pill,” as it was to be known later, had nothing to do with erectile dysfunction.

The sildenafil citrate compound was initially meant to treat hypertension angina pectoris and chest pains caused by inadequate blood circulation to the heart. During their human testing period it was observed that the compound had very little effect on treating angina, but it did cause the test subjects to have what could be called spontaneous erections.

Following this serendipitous discovery sildenafil citrate was patented in 1996 and two years later, under the name of Viagra, it was approved by the FDA for treating ED and later that same year it was available for sale in the country.

The way sildenafil citrate works is by inhibiting GMP specific phosphodiesterase type 5 which is a very specific kind of blood enzyme which regulates the blood flow to the penis. The compound works by releasing nitric oxide into the body which binds to the receptors of this particular type of enzyme. This results in an increase of the inflow of blood to the penis and as such an erection.

Now it is definitely worth to mention the fact that you are not guaranteed an instant erection after you take a pill of Viagra. In order for the sildenafil citrate to function one must be aroused and only in that case will the pill work its magic and within thirty minutes to an hour one can start benefiting from it. I might take between half an hour and an hour for it to work because everybody’s organism is different and it reacts in different ways to various drugs including this one. Sometimes it is suggested that in order to get a fast result from the pill, it should be taken on an empty stomach or after eating a meal that was low on fats because of the different rate of absorption when taken with a high-fat meal.

Generally Viagra will work for most men from the first or second time they take it, however in some cases it doesn’t work from the get-go. This does not mean that one should give up because Viagra can be taken once a day for a longer period of time and that might cause it to work later on in the week. On the other hand, if there are still no results after a few days then you need to talk to your doctor because you might need a change of dose. Since the drug comes in three doses starting with 25mg, continuing with 50mg and finally 100g, a change of dose can be easily sorted out by your doctor.

When the sildenafil citrate does kick in you can expect it to work for around four hours, so there is no need to rush things. After intercourse, the erection will go away. Also if you so happen to miss a dose it won’t have an adverse effect, you can just take it as soon as you remember. However, if it is too close to when you were supposed to take your new dose, skip it entirely. It’s not a good idea to take more than one pill each day, especially in close sequence one after the other.

Viagra’s been on the shelves for over a decade now and it has a great safety record. There are of course some possible side-effects associated with it, but these are very rare and you will be made aware of them by your doctor before he or she prescribes sildenafil citrate to you.

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