Does Rogaine Work?

Rogaine is a hair loss medication which is based around the ingredient Minoxidil. This particular ingredient has anywhere from two to five percent doses in the medication. Minoxidil was introduced as a drug to treat high blood pressure but studies showed positive results in treating hair loss as well. It was noted that the use of Minoxidil promoted healthy hair growth for some individuals that used it. As there was an obvious benefit for those suffering from hair loss, Minoxidil became a popular ingredient in hair loss drugs such as Rogaine.

Who Does Rogaine Work For?
It is important to know that Rogaine will not work for everyone. In fact, most drugs will not work for everyone even if there are claims that the drug is proven to work. Some people respond differently to certain drugs. Due to this, there is not consensus for most drugs and Rogaine is included in that list. In fact, just a bit more than half of the people that use Rogaine will notice hair growth results. While this may not seem like amazing results, it actually is. For those that Rogaine works for they will experience amazing results and will be able to minimize the effects of hair loss.

Rogaine Extra Strength (5% Minoxidil)
If you want to have a higher chance of the Rogaine medication working then you may want to consider using Rogaine Extra Strength. This particular medication is said to be nearly 50% more effective at treating hair loss than the standard Rogaine (2% Minoxidil).

Study Results for Rogaine
One study has shown that roughly 55% of men that have used Rogaine have noticed positive results in their hair growth. Not all of these men noticed actual hair growth but they did receive positive results when treating their hair loss with Rogaine. The results that were experienced include hair loss prevention and improvement of the scalp’s hair density. The other 45% of men that tried using Rogaine have noticed no results at all when using Rogaine in this particular study.

The best results in this particular study were noticed by younger men or those that have not experienced hair loss for a long period of time already. There should not be a bald patch any larger than four inches for the Rogaine to be especially effective. There should also be a bit of hair still growing in the middle of the scalp for Rogaine to be able to provide the optimal results at treating hair loss.

What Parts of the Scalp Does Rogaine Work On?
While Rogaine does work for some people, and it does not for others, it may not work at all when used on certain parts of the scalp. Rogaine is effective at treating the vortex of your scalp which is the top of the scalp. If you attempt to use Rogaine to treat hair loss on the temple of your scalp or for a receding hairline then you will not notice any results at all.

Does Rogaine Work For Women?
Women can get some of the same benefits from Rogaine as men can. However, it is advised that women stick to only the standard vision of Rogaine as the Extra Strength version can promote facial hair growth. This is likely unwanted by most women so it would be logical to avoid the Extra Strength version. Also, some women may experience an increase in facial hair growth from the standard version of Rogaine but it is much less likely.

Final Thoughts
The conclusion that can be made is that Rogaine works effectively for some individuals but it will not provide great results for everyone. It is especially effective for younger men that have not experienced hair loss for more than ten years. It is also an effective treatment for Propecia and it is definitely a superior option to most FDA approved hair loss drugs.

If you want to try Rogaine then you should not be expecting amazing results. Some people will get great results from this drug but others will not. You should go into using the drug with the mentality that it probably will not work. For some individuals the chances are higher of it working than others but it still may not work for you. You also have to factor in the areas of the scalp that Rogaine is effective at treating hair loss for. Ultimately, if you are looking for a hair loss medication to treat your condition then Rogaine is worth trying but you should be aware that you are not guaranteed any results.

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