Quick Trim Diet

Promoted by even the Kardashian sisters, the Quick Trim Diet is designed to establish rapid weight loss; it is actually the name for a whole line of weight loss products. The products claim to cleanse and detoxify the body, burn fat, and reduce cellulite. There are a total of 4 products that are available online and at a store called GNC. The true questions is, is it all worth it? Do we know if the ingredients are 100% safe? Are the products even effective? Read on to find these answers and more.

The Four Products
Burn and Cleanse 14-Day Diet System: there’s nothing that beats burning calories by day and cleansing the body at night. This supplement, meant to be taken in the morning and a slightly different one in the afternoon, has a thermogenic complex because they supply a hefty dose of caffeine—nearly 400 milligrams—nearly 4 cups of coffee. In addition to the actual caffeine load, there are ingredients that stimulate the effects of caffeine; they are black pepper and white willow bark extract. All in all, caffeine helps boost metabolism. The problem: too much caffeine can cause the jitters, an increase in blood pressure, and heart rhythm abnormalities; the exact amount of caffeine in this product is unknown. The supplement meant to be taken in the evening provides cleansing effects on the body; basically a bunch of laxatives to make you have diarrhea. The problem: the intestines can actually become dependent on laxatives, so if you stop using them, you will become constipated; however, the fact that you’re constantly having diarrhea may be a turn off to this product.

Iso-Flush: this blend of herbal diuretics is designed to remove excess water from the body. Only a few of the herbs are known, but the other ingredients aren’t so clear: juniper berry, uva ursi, and horsetail extract are all present. The problem: taking herbs is not always safe, especially when we don’t have complete ingredient lists available for the product.

Fast Cleanse: this 2 day super diet detox is designed to help a person drop a whole dress size in a mere 48 hours. If you’re thinking it, yes, you’re right…it’s ridiculous. The product is a fiber-rich drink meant to be taken 4 times a day between special meals consisting of clear soups, gelatin, fruits, and vegetables. The problem: anytime you drop a significant amount of weight in 2 days, all you’re losing is water and it will all be gained back.

Extreme Burn: many of the ingredients in this product are similar to the Burn and Cleanse product. It is a more “long-term” approach, well as long term as you can get with a supplement (hint: not very long). It contains loads of caffeine and other herbs that stimulate the potency of caffeine. The problem: we don’t exactly know how safe this product is.

Safety and Effectiveness
These products may work for some people, but for others, they result in another diet failure. The problem is in the product; you simply can’t rely on a supplement for long-term weight loss. If the diet consists of fiber, diuretics, and laxatives, of course you’re going to lose weight. However, just as soon as you stop the products, the weight will start to creep back on. As mentioned in the paragraph for each product, there is no scientific proof that the herbs are completely safe for use in the long-term. However, some reported side effects of using these products include insomnia, diarrhea, irregular heartbeat, vomiting, loss of appetite, and increased blood pressure and heart rate.

Cost of the Products

Depending on where you get the products, the cost varies. However, they aren’t any pricier than your typical weight loss supplement; the different products range anywhere from $19.99 to around $50.00.

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