Protein supplements

Protein supplements are usually used and talked about by body builders and those who are trying to increase lean muscle mass in their body. However there are several other reasons that protein supplements are beneficial in our diets. Whey supplements in particular are very beneficial as they are very close to what our mother’s breast milk was in consistency and in ingredients.

These supplements supply us with many essential amino acids which help to provide different health benefits. They also give us the benefit of quick repair and regrowth of lean muscle mass such as the body builders get after a hard work out. Whey is considered one of the highest quality proteins that we can get in our diet today. Since it is the same substance as our mother’s breast milk that tells us immediately that it is very easy for our body to digest. Whey protein also scored higher on the total protein retained by the body from protein that has been absorbed so this also shows its high quality.

So you ask why should you buy protein supplements as opposed to eating enough protein in your diet? The answer is simple. Taking a supplement allows you to get the required amount of protein for your body to be healthy and repair itself without the additional fat intake that is present in most food sources that have this much protein in them. The supplement is very low calorie as well so you do not have to worry about weight gain either.

This is why so many athletes and body builders supplement rather than eat their way to a muscular body. They know that they would have to work a lot harder to burn off the additional fats that would be included in traditional protein sources. The protein powders are easy to obtain, mix and drink. They are low calorie and taste good. They are healthy and low fat so it is a win win situation for all.

For people who are trying to lose weight, once they start cutting fats out of their diet, they have to worry about losing muscle mass due to the body burning up proteins in order to get enough energy to function. If they use protein supplements such as these in their weight loss program, they will not have that worry and will not lose muscle mass. This eliminates the yo yo syndrome that faces so many dieters today. They lose weight fast, however a lot of the weight is water and muscle. They then gain weight back and it is traditionally fat. It is then much harder to lose that weight due to it being fat tissue. If the body does not lose its muscle mass in the first place then this problem is eliminated.

For teenagers who are playing sports and are still growing protein supplements can help them to make sure that they are getting enough nutritionally to produce the muscle mass that they need for their particular sport. They also do not have to worry about using other dietary intake for metabolism and their energy levels as the protein supplement provides additional energy as well as the other benefits.

Protein supplements can also help those who are debilitated to keep from losing more muscle mass to disease. These supplements can help these people to regain their muscle mass without having to resort to eating large amounts of food that may not be possible with their illness. This is a viable alternative for them as well. These protein shakes are a good alternative to some of the other meal replacements on the market as they are not full of sugar and fat as some of the others are.

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    Thank you very much for this well written article about protein. Still many people think that protein supplements are only useful for bodybuilders. But in fact the important amino acids are useful for every average person as well and even helps to reduce fat.

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