Prohormone supplements

Prohormone supplements are dietary supplements that are used by people who are weight training or body building and want to gain muscle mass. These prohormone supplements are very similar in nature to anabolic steroids as they are the precursor to the hormones testosterone and nor testosterone. They have one molecule missing from their make up. Once they have been introduced to enzymes of the body during digestion, the missing molecule is introduced and they are transformed into anabolic hormones. These anabolic hormones are then the equivalent of anabolic steroids in the body. They are then used by the body just as an anabolic steroid would be for building muscle mass or weight training.

In addition prohormone supplements are legal and much safer than anabolic steroids for body building. This alone makes them very popular with people who are interested in body building or just want to bulk up. These preparations are sought out because of how well they can speed up the process of body building. These prohormone supplements appear to be a more effective way for people to build lean muscle mass without the fat in a timely manner for many people.

This is the process as to how the prohormone supplements work. Once the prohormones are digested by the enzymes in the body, that then cause an increase in the amount of anabolic hormones present in the blood stream. This causes a chemical reaction that in turn starts burning fat cells and nutrients while building muscle mass in the process. The prohormones do however have limits in their performance due to the amount of enzymes that are present in the body available that are needed to break down the hormones once they are ingested. Once the enzymes are depleted the hormones will no longer be utilized. On the other hand this fact also reduces the ability to abuse these prohormones as anabolic steroids have been widely abused in the past.

There are several prohormones that can be utilized for this purpose. One of these is DHEA or Dehydro-epiandrosterone. DHEA is known as the mother of all hormones as it can be generated into a host of other hormones in the body. DHEA is recommended for increasing strength, enhancing athletic performance, stopping premature aging, improving sexual problems, help weight loss, improve cognitive function, enhance memory and treat depression.

Another prohormone is androstenedione. This prohormone is the direct precursor to testosterone. It is also the precursor of estrone. This prohormone is used to directly build muscle mass while in a strength training program. It is recommended that this prohormone be used in conjunction with another prohormone listed here.

Norandrostenedione is another prohormone that is used for building muscle mass. This hormone converts to nortesterone or nandrolone when it is digested by the body. One of the biggest advantages for this prohormone is that it does not have a lot of the side effects such as excessive hair growth that most of the other steroid based hormones do. This prohormone is used to build muscle mass and improve strength while reducing the amount of body fat present.

1-AD is another form of prohormone that is used. The difference between this hormone and the other hormones that make testosterone is that there can be no conversion to estrone or female hormones from this version. This is desired by many of the body builders who do not want to have to deal with some of the side effects such as the possibility of breast tissue from the other hormones.

Nor-Diol is the last of the prohormones that is used for this purpose. This hormone has the ability to increase the synthesis of nutrients through the cell walls. This helps to increase the metabolism of the nutrients by the body as well as increase the rate that the muscles are built and that fat is burned by the body.

These prohormones are available for consumption in either powder or pill form at the present time. These hormones do metabolize in the body very quickly so they must be taken within 30-90 minutes before a work out in order to be effective. These supplements should be taken every day to keep the blood levels consistent so no peaks and falls are noted by the user. A physician or medical professional should be consulted before starting these or any other supplement if there is any question about a medical condition or interaction with medication or any other supplement you might be taking.

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