Prescription eyeglasses

Prescription eyeglasses have changed significantly over the past few years. People today have many choices when it comes to the style of glasses that they will wear. Prescription eyeglasses of today are somewhat of a fashion trend. Many high-end designers such as Calvin Klein, Jones New York and Marc Jacobs among others design eyeglass frames. When you go to purchase your eyeglasses now, you have multiple choices available to you.

Eyeglass frames in the past were typically made only from metal. Today’s styles however include a number of different materials from plastic to higher quality metals. Safety glasses are also available today for those needing prescription lenses. Safety glasses are typically produced from a higher quality plastic that are extremely durable. Polycarbonate plastic is normally used to make safety prescription glasses to ensure their durability.

Choosing the frames of your glasses will depend on a number of factors including your design or style choice. Many people are allergic to many metals that are made to create eyeglasses, so plastics are a much safer and wiser choice. Titanium and/or stainless steel are other choices that can be purchased for those who are allergic to the typical metals of eyeglass frames. Designs are also much different today than they were several years ago. Eyeglasses are now created that can be snapped into place or put together with tiny screws. The models that snap into place are excellent for those who simply cannot decide on the style that they want. You can purchase one set of prescription lenses and multiple pairs of frames and then simply change the frames whenever you want by snapping the lenses into place. This gives you the ability to have a different pair of eyeglasses for every occasion or every outfit in your closet, yet you only need one set of prescription lenses. Since the lenses are typically the most expensive component of prescription eyeglasses, this can save you money and allow you to change your glasses as the mood strikes you.

Prescription eyeglasses are also much more sturdy today and use spring hinges for reinforcement. These help to ensure that your glasses fit perfectly and do not become too loose for your face. The nose pad is also redesigned from past models. Silicone is a common substance used to create nose pads that are much more comfortable than eyeglasses that use plastic nose pads. Silicone is much lighter in weight than traditional plastics and helps to keep the eyeglasses from slipping down your nose.

Years ago, prescription eyeglasses were a dreaded thing. Many people refused to wear their glasses simply because they lacked style. Today however, newer designs and styles have given eyeglasses an entirely new look and feel. There are options that you can choose to add to your prescription glasses as well such as colored inlays, rimless frames, tints on the lenses that darken as the sun shines brighter, inset of precious stones on the frames and frames in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

Prescription eyeglasses are a must for those without perfect vision who simply cannot wear contact lenses and/or cannot afford Lasik surgery to correct vision problems. Due to the more innovative designs and the fact that high-end designers are now producing frames, many people now happily wear their eyeglasses. In fact, many consumers who could very well wear contact lenses prefer the styles and designs of eyeglass frames. Prescription eyeglasses are typically purchased through your eye doctor but can also be purchased at a variety of specialty stores and many department or wholesale stores. If you have your prescription, you can even order your eyeglasses online although you will not have the ability to have them tested to ensure that they fit correctly. When purchasing eyeglasses, the fit is very important. When you purchase eyeglasses from your eye doctor or eye care center, you can ensure that they fit correctly ensuring against them slipping and falling from your face.

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