Portable ECG monitor

Cardiovascular heart disease kills millions each year. In fact over 20 million people will die each year from heart disease. Statistics show that up to 22 million people in the world are at risk of having a sudden cardiac incident and heart failure at any point and time this year. Many lives can be saved if these people are afforded treatment within what medical professionals refer to as “the golden hour”. This hour is the hour immediately after the cardiac incident has occurred. Think then what an advantage it would be for a person who is at risk of cardiac failure or heart attack to be monitored constantly for any and all problems with the heart including the imminent risk of heart attack!

In the past the only way this was possible was for a person to be monitored at a physician’s office or in a hospital or clinic setting. Now there is a way for people to be constantly monitored while going about their daily lives. Portable ECG monitors are available for people to wear on a daily basis while they perform their normal routines. The portable ECG monitors periodically monitor the heart rate for any abnormality that might occur.

The first of these portable monitors hit the medical scene in 2007. Thulasi Bai and S.K. Srivatsa from Chennai, India released the prototype of this device in 2007. They used Bluetooth technology for this device to work. The way that the device works is this. The ECG machine periodically monitors the heart rate and rhythm for any abnormality. The Bluetooth monitor essentially performs an ECG and then transmits the information to the person’s cell phone which has been modified to receive information for this purpose. If there is any danger of cardiac failure or heart attack the phone will then alert the person immediately and send a text to the nearest medical facility concerning the person’s ECG and their medical history.

Using a device such as this would give people who have a history of cardiac disease and are at risk of another heart attack a sense of well being. They would be able to receive much needed medical care in a timely manner maybe even lifesaving care. Too many people do not realize until it is too late that they are having a cardiac event. The makers of the device state that this new ECG monitor gives people the best chance that they can get to be treated within the golden hour of care after a sudden cardiac event.

There is also the matter of people who are at risk of cardiac events being able to once again perform their normal daily activities. With a monitor such as this they are not tied down to a medical facility. They can work or perform other functions that they choose to do within reason. They are not required to pay the added expense of going to the physician’s office or hospital when they need an ECG performed as well.

So what is in the future for the portable ECG monitor. The makers are looking for a way to add a GPS system so that medical personnel could not only be provided with a person’s current ECG tracing and medical history but they would also be provided with their current location as well. This would be beneficial if that person was unable to transport themselves to the medical facility on their own. They hope to add this function to the portable ECG monitor in the near future.

If you are interested in purchasing or obtaining a portable ECG machine please contact your physician for a consultation. They will give you an examination and decide if you are a good candidate for this machine.

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