PMS bloating remedies

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a series of emotional and physical symptoms that are experienced by some women in the fortnight before the onset of the menstrual period. These symptoms usually subside as and when the menstrual period begins or within the next couple of days.

Bloating is one of the most common symptoms of PMS that women go through. It is the feeling of fullness or swelling in the abdominal region. PMS bloating is not a comfortable feeling and makes clothes seem tight and restricting. It occurs mainly due to the hormonal changes taking place in a woman’s body during the period of menstruation. When the hormone levels are high, stool and gas move very slowly within the intestinal tract. As a result of this the abdomen feels uncomfortably full and sometimes this even leads to constipation. The hormone progesterone is at its all-time high during menstruation and it is known to cause water retention in the body. Around four out of every ten women suffer from PMS bloating before and sometimes even during their period.

While the best and most common advice offered to such women is to wait until the period of PMS is over and the body returns to normal, several women seek natural, herbal and prescribed PMS bloating remedies. This is in cases when bloating becomes a chronic ailment or extremely painful. Several natural PMS bloating remedies exist and are being increasingly suggested. Drinking plenty of water is known to help alleviate the condition. Getting sufficient exercise on a regular basis is also recommended to increase circulation within the body and thus preventing the negative effects of excessive hormonal levels. Taking a walk or hitting the gym can really help some women. There are some simple yoga postures being taught that target the specific problem of bloating during PMS. The intake of salt, sodium sugar, caffeine and alcohol in the diet must be considerably reduced. It is advisable to switch to a diet consisting of more fresh-foods with a considerable cut-back on fast food. As fundamental as it sounds, eating food slowly can also be considered a PMS bloating remedy. This is because eating food too fast may cause a person to swallow air, leading to gas and bloating.

Some doctors may prescribe supplements as PMS bloating remedies. Magnesium, calcium and vitamin E are some of the supplements that are known to cause relief from bloating. Also, the quantity of salt and water passed in the urine can be increased by intake of diuretics such as Vitamin B6 which helps in reducing bloating due to water retention. These supplements can be taken with the prescription of a qualified physician, since diuretics are known to deplete potassium in the body increasing the chances of dehydration. A natural substitute for commercial diuretics is Dandelion root. This herb acts strongly in evacuating excess water and reducing bloating and at the same time does not create any imbalance in the potassium content of the body. A tonic can be prepared at home by steeping a handful of fresh dandelion leaves in a pint of hot water for about 20 minutes. This can be consumed twice daily and makes for an amazing home-made bloating remedy. Alternatively, dried dandelion leaves are also available in the form of capsules in health stores.

Other herbs that work as natural PMS bloating remedies are fennel seeds and peppermint. The seeds of the licorice-flavored fennel plant also act as a diuretic and works wonders with bloating. Not only does it help with water reduction, it also brings great relief in cases of bloating due to gas. Peppermint is a delicious herb that also reduces gas. Both these herbs can be taken in the form of tea, which makes for great taste while effectively combating PMS bloating.

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