Pedometer watch

Pedometers are devices that measure different functions of the body, such as the heart rate, or number calories burned. A pedometer watch is basically a pedometer which also functions as a wrist-watch – it displays time, as well as the functions that are measured by the pedometer, which is usually a combination of distance, number of steps and calories burned. Pedometer watches combine the functions of a sport watch and a pedometer in one portable accessory. It has thus gained a position as a desirable accessory for athletes and fitness experts around the world.

When buying pedometer watch, a number of characteristics should be taken into account. One of the first is the function of the pedometer that it is intended to provide. For example, if someone is interested to measure the heart rate with the number of steps taken, he/she should go for a heart rate monitor/pedometer. On the other hand, if someone is looking to lose weight, he/she should buy a calories measuring pedometer instead. There are also many of the watches available today that integrate to combine a number of possible functions together, saving the need for a number of pedometers.

The second characteristic that should be considered is the technology that the watch uses to calculate the functions. Cheaper pedometers use mechanical means to measure the functions, and thus have the disadvantage of needing to be held at a particular position for accurate results. The most expensive kind uses GPS technology, but is not always reliable as the satellite signals may vary from one place to another. The more common and affordable technology that pedometers use is the accelerometer sensor technology. This allows for use of the pedometer anywhere, and also provides more accurate results.

The third characteristic of a desirable pedometer watch is, of course, the design. Pedometer watches, because they are worn in the hand, should be light and fairly easy to carry around. The shape and size, as well as the style, should also be suited to a particular person’s desires or personality. One more important criteria that should be met by a pedometer watch is that is should be suitable in the environment where it is being used – such as resistance to water, cold, or backlight for use in low light areas.

There are a number of pedometers available in the market today. One of the most popular pedometers is the Silva Tech 4 O Accelerator watch. It combines many functions in one, such as chronometer, countdown timer, daily alarm, and also calculates estimated distance, speed, and the number of calories burned when walking. The watch can be set foe six different recording times, and can store the data of seven to ten days of workout. Available in a variety of colors, it is an ideal pedometer that is both affordable and suitable for men and women alike.

Another popular pedometer watch is the Sportline pedometer Heart Rate Watch 960, which measures the heart rate with steps taken. It also has a finger pad through which it measures the heart rate when the user is idle as well. Though a bit expensive, this watch also combines several functions and can provide accurate measurements. This watch can be used for automatic detection of movement, but can also be set to work manually.

Pedometer watches are good investments for fitness-conscious people who rely mostly on power walking as the means of exercise. Pedometer watches are great for keeping track of progress, and many users of such watches have claimed that it provides them with measurable results and motivates them to keep on walking for a fit and healthy body.

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