Peak flow meter

Asthma is a very common lung condition that numerous people in the United States suffer from. If you have asthma your doctor may recommend that you get a peak flow meter to measure your lung capacity. A peak flow meter will let your doctor know how efficiently your lungs are working. This is a tube like device with a mouthpiece that measures how much air capacity your lungs can take in and out. It is used specifically for people who suffer from asthma but there are other uses being found for them. People who have asthma know just how much this condition can impact their entire life. Your doctor will take measurements from your personal peak flow meter readings to evaluate your normal lung capacity. This way the doctors can measure if your lungs are working at their optimum and best.

People of different age groups and gender will have different peak flow readings. A peak flow meter is really an essential device that people need to have this one condition. If you have low peak flow readings your doctor will be able to tell if your airwaves have become tight and thin due to asthma. Most people have normal readings in the morning and lower readings at night. When the doctor sees your peak flow meter readings they will be more able to understand what is going on with your one. The readings should be done over a period of a week or maybe even two. This way you will have several peak flow readings to show your doctor.

When using the meter you should use it as directed by your doctor. It is important to use it at the times that he or she instructs you to. Using a peak flow meter can help your doctor determine whether or not you truly have asthma and can help them determine what kind of treatment will be the best for you. This gives the doctor and invaluable information to determine the extent of your asthma. Other people who can benefit from using a peak flow meter include people who have emphysema or bronchitis. This device is also used for children who have moderate to severe asthma. The reason that the lung capacity should be measured is so that the doctor will be able to prescribe certain medications for asthma more appropriately. The doctor may also be able to adjust the dosage for your medication based on your peak flow meter readings. Asthma is a condition that needs to be closely monitored and using one of these meters is a very helpful way to ensure it is being monitored correctly.

You work the device by first placing the sliding arrow to zero on the meter. Then you stand up straight and take a deep breath and exhale over the mouthpiece on the meter. You have to make sure you close your lips over the entire mouth piece as you are exhaling. The air that you blow out will cause the marker on the peak flow meter to move from zero to another number that measures your lung capacity. You have to repeat this process three times to make sure you get a good official reading. You will be instructed to take these readings at the same time each day for the most accurate results. You can then record the measurements or chart them to show to your doctor. It is interesting to note that peak flow meters are now being used in certain exercise gyms so that members can measure their lung capacity improvement after aerobic exercise. You can find the flow meters for sale online.

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