Osteoarthritis symptoms

Osteoarthritis refers to degenerative arthritis. It is a condition that results from the continuous deterioration and depletion of cartilage in various bodily joints. The cartilage within the joints is made up of proteins that are used to protect bones and joints from getting damaged. More than twenty million individuals in the United States alone are affected by osteoarthritis, making it the most common form of arthritis of all.

The condition can limit what you are able to do. There are many activities, which require physical exertion, and they may be too painful to enjoy. Major pain and discomfort is often experienced even when in a relaxed physical state so there can often be restrictions on the physical performance that an individual with osteoarthritis has. There are still treatment methods that could be taken advantage of to make living with osteoarthritis easier but before this you must detect and diagnose the condition.

Common Symptoms of Osteoarthritis
Osteoarthritis is a condition that continuously develops as the affected individual ages. The symptoms of the condition may vary depending on the age of the individual and what level the condition is at. However, there are many symptoms that are common in individuals that suffer from osteoarthritis. A short list of common symptoms of this condition would include pain and stiffness of muscles and frequent muscle spasms.

The painful symptoms of this condition affect various body parts and may be there for lengthy periods of time. If the painful symptoms are noticed in the spine, knees, hip, hands and feet, and last for longer than 14 days then you should be concerned as the condition is becoming very severe.

The most common symptoms that are attributed to osteoarthritis include muscle and joint pain, stiffness, and swelling. There are not many other symptoms associated with this condition but rather the severity of the symptoms can vary. An example of this would be when an individual attempts to bend down to tie their shoes.

The painful symptoms could be noticed even more so during this effort as the affected muscles and joints are being stressed. The exaggeration of the symptoms of the condition can serve as a further indicator that an individual is indeed experiencing symptoms of osteoarthritis. If the symptoms were noticed in any severity it would be recommended to talk with your doctor about your symptoms and get a professional diagnosis done immediately.

The Consistency of Osteoarthritis Symptoms
The symptoms of osteoarthritis are not always experienced for some individuals. Many people will have severe symptoms irregularly and experience little to no symptoms on a regular basis. There are some individuals that have consistent pain that never leaves but may be heightened due to certain triggers such as poor weather and lifestyle change.

It is important to remember that the consistency of these symptoms will not be a major factor into whether you have this condition or not. If you are running through the list of symptoms that you are experiencing and find that you experience them more or less frequently than normal, it is not a sign that you may not have osteoarthritis. Basically, regardless of the consistency of the symptoms you experience you should get diagnosed to find out if you have osteoarthritis or not.

How to Diagnose Osteoarthritis
As soon as the symptoms of osteoarthritis are noticed it is important that you talk with your doctor about what you are experiencing. After doing so you can get your doctor to begin a test to diagnose you for this condition or any other condition that you may have. There are not many actual tests that are completed to determine if a patient has osteoarthritis. Doctors will perform a physical examination, review medical history, take x-rays to review any joint damage, and possibly conduct blood tests.

A home diagnosis test could be done to determine if you have osteoarthritis or not but the results will not be as reliable. By getting diagnosed through your doctor you will also be opening yourself for immediate treatment with pain medication, physical therapy, and more.

Osteoarthritis is a medical condition that affects many individuals across the world. It makes living your every day life a very painful task. The shear amount of pain and discomfort that is experienced by most individuals with this condition make it unbearable to perform any physical activities at all. This is often because the condition is not detected or diagnosed either. If you know all of the symptoms and indicators of osteoarthritis then you may be able to catch it early and start treating it right away. To close, if you experience any symptoms of this condition then visit your doctor right away so you can get it diagnosed properly.

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