Almost everyone has experienced having the flu at some point in their lives. Unfortunately some of us have experienced more cases of the flu and the common cold than we like to admit. Have you ever wondered what causes some of us to be more susceptible to the viruses that make us so ill while others seem to avoid getting sick altogether? Why do some people end up with extremely mild cases of the same virus that had us ill for days? Well there is hope for those who tend to suffer more often or from more severe cases of these annoying little bugs that bring us down.

Many people believe that using natural homeopathic remedies for common ailments are much more beneficial than using pharmaceutical drugs. Since people lived for years and years before us by using common ingredients found in nature many people feel that this is the way to go when it comes to curing and preventing many illnesses that we may encounter.

A man named Joseph Roy was extremely interested in this theory. He was a French physician who lived from 1891 to 1978 and spent many of those years researching just how he could cure many diseases through homeopathic ways. Witnessing many people experience symptoms from the Spanish Flu outbreak in 1917, he began taking a closer look at their blood under a microscope. He claims to have made an amazing discovery involving the organisms living in the blood. Through this discovery the new homeopathic remedy called oscillococcinum was invented.

Oscillococcinum is an all natural flu fighting supplement that can be taken at the first sign of the flu or common cold. It is known to help strengthen our body’s immune system and natural defenses against viruses that can bog us down and make us suffer from all sorts of unwanted symptoms. Many people swear that taking the product everyday once the cold and flu season begins can prevent the body from contracting the virus. However, if the product is taken the first day a person begins to experience symptoms it may help lessen the symptoms of the flu or cold and speed up the healing process by cutting down the amount of time a person is sick with the virus.

Over 50 countries now sell this product and it is extremely popular with the French people. There are many people who swear by its effectiveness and cannot imagine not having it in their medicine cabinet during the flu season. At a reasonable price, a lot of people feel it is worth a shot and that there is nothing to lose when trying out the product. The recommended does is one gram of oscillococcinum and it can be taken once at the early stages of the illness or it can be taken daily as the flu symptoms persist. There are no reported side effects from taking this supplement which makes it safe for people of all ages. It does not have any known reactions with other medications or any other medical conditions which makes it available for all people to try. This product is also safe for pregnant and nursing mothers. However, this product is derived from duck livers and hearts so it may not be suitable for those who are vegetarians or vegans.

We all know that when the flu strikes we are all willing to try anything to help alleviate the symptoms. Fevers, chills, headaches and muscle aches can really wear us down. By providing our bodies with a natural immune boosting supplement we have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

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