Organic whey protein

There are many reasons why people may want to use a protein supplement. People who lift weights often or exercise a lot may need to up their protein intake in order to provide support for their active muscles or those who are in need of muscle recovery. Other people who have dietary restrictions and are not able to eat certain foods containing protein may need to find other ways to get enough protein in their diet. Regardless of the reason, organic whey protein can be very beneficial in adding the extra protein in your diet that you may not be getting enough of.

By now you may be wondering exactly what whey protein is. Whey is a protein derived from dairy. When milk is processed and turned into cheese, the whey becomes a bi-product and it is separated and removed. Whey has been determined to be one of the best sources of protein there is. Whey comes in a concentrate form and also in an isolate form. The concentrate form is a little less expensive than the isolate form. Although it does have more fat and lactose than the isolate form containing about 75% pure protein. The isolate form of whey is the most pure form and is closer to around 90% protein. Although this type of protein is most expensive, it contains almost no fats, lactose or carbs. There is also a third type of whey which is a combination of both whey protein blends. The whey protein blends are very popular and are the most commonly used. The whey protein blends are a little more affordable and have great amino acids as well. Whey protein blends usually come in a powered form that is mixed with milk, juice or water and they can come in a range of flavors with the most popular being chocolate and vanilla.

The difference between purchasing regular whey protein and organic whey protein comes down to the quality of the product. The term organic means that the food you eat has not been altered by hormones, pesticides or chemicals. It is much healthier for the body, for the earth and for the animal in which it comes from. Organic foods are proving to be much more popular over other foods due to the benefits in which they provide. Knowing that the foods you put in your body are not drenched with pollutants can allow you peace of mind and you will know that you are providing yourself with the healthiest form or nutrients possible. Organic foods tend to be a little more expensive but the health benefits are well worth the extra pennies. There are all sorts of organic foods on the market these days and organic whey protein is just one of them.

Organic whey protein has also been linked to helping people fight cancer and Aids. It helps build lean muscle mass and it a great addition to anyone’s diet. Not everyone will require the same amount of protein however, so it is always best to ask your doctor what he or she may think about the amount of whey protein you should supplement your diet with. For those people who already consume large amounts of protein or those who are only moderately active, you may not need to use whey protein as much as someone who spends hours in the gym or someone who does not eat a diet already rich in protein.

Since whey is a bi-product of dairy not everyone will be able to use this form of protein. Although it is the most easily digested by most people, those who are lactose intolerant would do better supplementing with another form of protein powder.

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