Oregano oil benefits

Oregano oil is a natural substance produced from Oregano, a perennial woody shrub with a pleasant aroma. It grows largely in Mediterranean regions such as Greece. By adopting a process known as steam distillation, oregano oil is extracted from fresh or dry oregano leaves. The oil consists of several anti-oxidants and essential mineral and vitamin nutrients. Some of the components of oregano oil are carvacrol, gamma-terpinene, p-cymene, alpha-piene, myrcene, thymol, flavonoids and derivatives of caffeic acid.

Oregano oil benefits have been studied and implemented since the time of ancient Greek physicians. While historically it was used as a cure for poisoning, wounds and headaches, today several other benefits of this oil have come to light. Oregano oil is known to be an effective antiseptic and it also has antiparasitic, antifungal and antibacterial properties. It has been used in the treatment of lung conditions and other ailments such as sinusitis, bronchitis and common colds. At one point in time, it was also being used to treat women with irregular menstruation problems. Some other oregano oil benefits include a stronger immune system and better muscle and joint flexibility.

Oregano oil has immense benefits when taken internally as a part of food preparations. Because it is antibacterial in nature, it is very effective in combatting the growth of bacteria such as E.Coli in the body. This is due to the fact that a substance called carvacrol is a key component of oregano oil. Carvacrol reacts with the water in the body and produces heat which dehydrates germs and kills them. Keeping in mind this benefit of oregano oil, several restaurants use a few drops on raw vegetables placed at salad bars to kill any harmful bacteria. Some people also use the oil in their food to avoid the consumption of salmonella.

Sinus, colds and sore throats can be healed using oregano oil as a home remedy. Three drops of the oil is commonly added to a glass of water or juice and taken for approximately three to five days for relief from sinus congestion and other respiratory ailments. Some people also put a few drops of oregano oil in water and use it as a gargling solution for sore throats. Consumption of the oil is a great way of avoiding common flu. Relief from digestive problems is also one of the oregano oil benefits. Again, due to the presence of carvacrol and another substance called thymol in oregano oil, it has the property of calming stomach upsets and acidity while aiding in digestion. A glass of milk or juice mixed with a few drops of oregano oil benefits the stomach greatly.

Topical application of oregano oil also has several benefits. When applied directly on the skin, various kinds of infections and itches may be cured. Irritation of the gums can also be treated by the applying oregano oil. It must be kept in mind that the oil must be diluted before external use. This is because some formulations of oregano oil are sold at high concentrations and may need to be mixed with Coconut or Olive oil before application. It is advisable to follow any instructions available on the bottle.

Oil of Oregano is usually available in nutrition or health stores. It is important to make sure that the oil should be extracted from Origanum Vulgare and the concentration of carvacrol must be at a minimum of 70%. Capsules of enteric-coated oregano oil are also available for internal consumption. These are generally prescribed by a physician or doctor of naturopathy depending on the ailment. It may also be noted that oregano oil has certain side effects such as reduction in the body’s ability to absorb iron and certain kinds of allergic reactions. Consumption or oregano oil must therefore always be complemented with iron supplements and is not advisable for pregnant women.

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