Noni juice benefits

It is hard to believe that, in this day and age, people are still able to discover plants and wildlife on earth that have not been studied. Whether it’s a super sized squid in the Atlantic or a mysterious cactus in Africa, there are hundreds of thousands of possibly useful but under utilized plants and animals on our planet. With all these options, who knows what diseases, viruses, disorders and deficiencies could be cured?

Every once and a while, scientists and researchers get around to examining one of these new species and, in doing so, they unlock some extremely beneficial secret. That is, apparently, what happened with the noni plant. The noni plant (or noni fruit) is found in Hawaii, Tahiti and India. It originated is Southeast Asia and is a tropical tree. At up to ten feet tall, the tree is pretty impressive. The fruit that grows out of the tree, noni fruit, is about the size of a potato and grows green. Eventually, once ripe, it turns either white or yellow. When you see a noni fruit that is white or yellow, it is ready to be eaten. The noni fruit has a skin that must be peeled to get to the fruit inside.

Lately, taking noni fruit and turning it into a convenient juice has been all the rage. But what are some noni juice health benefits? Well, it depends on who you ask. You see, there are no clinical, double blind or other study conducted yet to prove or disprove the supposed noni juice health benefits. Clinical trials have been done with the extract that proved people felt better after consuming high doses of the extract. Other studies on mice have shown a marked improvement in the lifespan of mice with cancer. It did not cure their cancer, but the noni fruit injections extended their lives fifty percent longer than the uninjected mice. The study also showed that the roots of the plant could block pain and make mice sleep.

Noni Juice Health Benefits
Noni juice health benefits claimed by noni juice makers are pretty extensive. Listed below are some of the most important claims:

  • Reversal of neurological problems like Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis
  • Blood pressure and blood sugar normalization
  • Removal of fibroid cysts
  • Prostate gland reduction
  • Fewer menstrual cramps in menstruating women
  • Curing of digestive problems
  • Curing of skin conditions
  • Improved cardiovascular health

Believing the Believers
Although most of the noni juice health benefits claimed on noni juice bottles and on the internet have not been proven yet, they have also not been disproved. Those who imbibe the juice are not shy in talking about the difference it has made in their lives. They bring up doctor’s visits pre and post noni juice that show a marked improvement in blood pressure and cholesterol levels after taking noni juice, they mention improved skin conditions, clearer mental faculties and more energy. If their enthusiasm could serve as proof of the medical effects of noni juice, then the medical journals would be abuzz with this miracle cure.

As it is, it is difficult to tell if the hype is because noni juice actually does do all of these things, or if because these things happened after people strongly believed they would. Whether the healing and energy is a result of the noni juice itself or the result of an improved attitude and hopefulness of those who drink noni juice is a question that definitely deserves some research and a good, strong answer. Hopefully, in the coming years, the buzz around noni juice health benefits will result in some serious clinical tests.

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    Please update this article to include the tripple blind studies done on the noni juice and the 14 human clinical trials done on a Tahitian Noni Bioactive Beverage consumers. Please visit for validated research and take the noni for 90 day challenge. Thank you.

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