Natural vitamins for hair growth

Our hair is something that we all want to look great as well as be shiny and healthy. Appearance is very important for most people and our hair is a very big part of our appearance. It is also a big part of our health as well. What we eat and what we put into our bodies will be very evident in how our hair looks and feels. There are vitamins that are responsible for hair growth, strength, and health. There are also vitamins that keep our scalp and skin healthy which promotes our hair growth as well.

We should get all of our vitamins from our daily diet but anyone can tell you in this day and age that most of us do not eat well enough to support ourselves with enough vitamins and minerals to keep our bodies healthy and hearty. This is especially true for our hair and skin. Our organs, tissues and circulatory systems take what they need first of our vitamins and minerals then what is left over goes to our skin and hair. If we do not have enough vitamins to take care of everything our skin and hair suffer more than other parts of the body do.

So what are some of the important vitamins that are essential for our hair to be healthy? First we need an adequate amount of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is responsible for the sebum or oily deposits on the scalp. If there are not adequate amounts of oil on the scalp, it becomes dry and the hair that is produced from that scalp will be dry, brittle and more breakable than healthy hair is. Vitamin A also works in the body to help produce healthy cells for organs and tissues. Hair is included in the cells that Vitamin A is responsible for producing in the body. People that are deficient in Vitamin A will have build up on the scalp and dandruff in addition to dry and brittle hair.

Next we need several of the B Vitamins including Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Niacin, Folic Acid and Biotin. These vitamins help to promote adequate circulation and healthy blood components. They also promote healthy hair growth. The B Vitamin complex also carries several minerals along with them such as zinc and magnesium which are essential for healthy hair growth as well. Deficiencies in the B vitamins as well as zinc deficiencies have shown up in the body with consequences such as thinning hair and increasing hair loss.

The next Vitamin that is essential for healthy skin and hair is Vitamin E. We all know that Vitamin E is very important for healthy skin formation and maintenance however a lot of people are not aware that Vitamin E is also responsible for healthy hair as well. Vitamin E promotes healthy circulation to the scalp and to the hair follicles. This helps hair growth and regrowth as hair is lost. Deficiencies in Vitamin E can result in dull, dry, lack luster hair that does not grow well.

Two minerals that are needed for healthy hair growth are copper and iron. These minerals are needed for proper circulation to the scalp and hair follicles along with Vitamin E for adequate hair growth and for healthy hair follicles and hair shafts. If there are deficiencies in these minerals along with anemia, there will be hair loss, as well as dry, brittle hair and little or no regrowth of lost hair.

Natural vitamin supplements should be sought out to get the best products available for our nutrition. Many synthetic vitamin preparations do not compare to those that are produced by natural means. Consult with a holistic practitioner or with your local health food store if you need advice as to which vitamins are better for consumption.

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