Natural flatulence remedy

Anyone that is living with flatulence issues will want to visit their doctor for advice on how to treat the condition. However, a medical treatment option is not always necessary as flatulence problems can often be treated at home with natural home remedies.

Most people will avoid visiting the doctor right away if they have flatulence problems. Most people will look for other solutions such as a diet change, increased amount of exercise each day, and more. Usually these remedies will be beneficial but they will not guarantee amazing results. One of the most effective remedies for flatulence would be acupressure. Various forms of massages are useful besides acupuncture. Another type of massage that is sometimes used when treating flatulence is a Shiatsu massage.

What Causes Flatulence to Go Away
To determine how you can get rid of flatulence you will have to consider what is causing it to begin with. In most cases the flatulence is caused by poor digestion. Usually people with flatulence will have issues within their stomach that result in little effort for proper food digestion. This is often caused by a deficiency of enzyme.

If an enzyme deficiency is what caused the flatulence then you will want to release the inactive area which is causing this problem. To do this you will have to locate a pressure point on your body. This pressure point is found just below your knee and is positioned just between two bones in the lower section of your leg. If you provide pressure to that pressure point then the complications in your digestive system can be reduced or eliminated. This will also decrease the amount of flatulence.

To find out where this pressure point is you should look for an image or video online that displays the exact location. You may want to get a professional to do this. It is an important part of getting a massage when treating flatulence. Also, the pressure application on the pressure point will be noticed but it will not be painful.

Foot Massage
The previously mentioned forms of massages are very beneficial when treating flatulence. A foot massage is also useful as you have many pressure points in your feet. Poor circulation is a common cause of flatulence and it can have symptoms which are noticed in your stomach. With a foot massage you can reach pressure points that will help with treating the flatulence. The pressure point is located on the inside of your foot’s curve. You can find an image online that will depict this. You may want to get a masseuse to apply pressure to this pressure point as they should know the exact location of it.

Final Thoughts
Treating flatulence at home should not be difficult. You will need to know where certain pressure points are though. You may also want to go to a massage parlor for a professional massage but this is optional. If you or someone near you can apply pressure to these pressure points each day then you should see a reduction of the flatulence. There are other types of massages which will help as well but the ones mentioned in this article are the most common.

Flatulence can be an annoying and painful condition to deal with. Thankfully it is a condition that can be naturally treated in the comfort of your own home. You can find a lot of information about your body’s pressure points and how you can use them to treat flatulence online.

If you are looking to treat the condition then look into more home remedies before taking the time to visit your doctor about the condition. If you cannot find anything that works for you easily then you may want to visit your doctor for suggestions on possible treatment methods which you may not know about.

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  1. Iain says:

    I have been suffering from flatulence for a while now and I had no idea that massage may be a remedy. Does it only relieve the symptoms or does it treat the cause?

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