Natural estrogen cream

Surely you have heard the horror stories. Sleepless nights, unpredictable hot flashes that leave you in a pool of sweat, wild mood swings that leave you crying at greeting card commercials one minute and yelling at your husband for leaving dirty dishes in the sink. No, these aren’t the symptoms of an alien taking over your body and learning to live like a human, these are the symptoms of menopause. Every man, woman and child has heard countless horror stories from the post menopausal women in their lives as well as the men who had to live with them while they were in the throes of this massive physical shift.

You can’t escape it, menopause happens to every woman and, while the symptoms can vary in intensity, they are still present in the most mild of cases. Every woman dreads this phase of life partially because it signifies the end of her youthful, coquettish days but also because it signifies the part of life devoted toward winding down. It is a natural progression, but this physical outcry and complete loss of fertility is a symptom of aging experienced only by women and is a very sensitive topic.

What happens during menopause?
When women go through menopause, their hormone levels change and they begin to produce less estrogen. This can result in vaginal dryness, irregular menstrual cycles, decreased interest in sex and forgetfulness. Natural estrogen cream can resolve some of these symptoms and keep women happier, more lubricated and better able to keep the romantic fires burning.

Unfortunately, natural estrogen cream cannot resolve all the symptoms of estrogen deficiencies. It will not fix the forgetfulness, will not affect the hot flashes and probably won’t affect the mood swings enough to be noticeable. But then, there are pills that can be taken to conquer that part of the problem.

How do you get natural estrogen cream?
There are many different types of natural estrogen creams that women can use. Some may contain premarin, which is estrogen derived from the urine of a female horse. If you are morally against having estrogen that has been harvested from another animal’s urine, you can always opt for the herbal alternatives.

Natural estrogen cream can be purchased over the counter or by a doctor’s prescription. Only those purchased with a prescription can contain the actual hormone estrogen. Natural estrogen creams purchased over the counter are referred to as non-hormonal and may contain herbal ingredients said to increase estrogen levels. These natural ingredients may include soy which has been shown to boost estrogen levels.

Often, a natural estrogen cream will also feature another hormone called progesterone. When using a topical natural estrogen cream with progesterone, be careful with the amount that you use. Progesterone can interrupt the adrenal hormones and can store itself in your fat cells. Generally, you should not have to worry about this when using over the counter natural estrogen cream.

Do I only need to worry about this during menopause?
While menopause generally occurs in women between the ages of 45 and 55 that doesn’t mean you are out of the woods if you are not in this age group. Women of all ages can be suffering from an estrogen deficiency. If you have some of the symptoms of menopause and are not pre or post menopausal, check with your primary care physician and find out about getting a prescribed natural estrogen cream. And remember, if you start noticing any odd or uncomfortable side effects, bring them to your doctor’s attention immediately so that you can either get your natural estrogen cream changed or be taken off altogether.

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