Natural diuretics

We all go through times where we feel a little bloated, which usually means that we have more water on board our bodies than we need to have. Often the consumption of sweet or salty foods will lead to our bodies holding onto more fluid. Insufficient intake of protein may also add to the problem of water retention, as does a deficit of amino acids and B vitamins. While water retention isn’t appealing or comfortable there are some natural diuretics that can help you rid your body of this extra water and return to life as usual.

Diuretics should only be used when there is an accumulation of excess fluids in the body tissues. Many individuals who suffer from high blood pressure or heart disease may be prescribed diuretics and these should be taken according to doctor’s orders. Other, such as those who simply ate too much junk food and are feeling bloated or women suffering from PMS, may be able to take natural diuretics to do away with all of that extra water and bloating.

Diuretic pills can be quite dangerous, especially when they are not taken as indicated by a doctor or manufacturer. Even with natural diuretics you need to be sure that you use them only in moderation. When used safely and in moderation natural diuretics can be used to treat many conditions such as sciatica, kidney stones, gonorrhea, liver disorders, and even lymphatic swelling.

There are many natural options to choose from. You may have to experiment to see which ones are most effective for you as everyone responds differently to these natural substances. Green tea is a natural diuretic and has been used as such for centuries in China. Drinking several glasses a day can help to reduce water retention. You may also want to drink pure cranberry juice for the remove of excess fluid.

Apple cider vinegar is used for many different purposes but it is a natural diuretic and can also help with maintaining potassium levels, which can help to prevent fluid retention. A tablespoon or two a day of apple cider vinegar should help to reduce the water retention.

Dandelion has been shown to be another of many natural diuretics. You can replace the actual dandelion with dandelion leaf tea. Not only will dandelion leaf tea help to relieve bloating caused by excess water retention, it will also help to detoxify the body and can help those who are suffer from urinary tract infections and cystitis. Nettle is often used along side dandelion as it is also a diuretic and can help to promote the detoxifying and cleansing properties of the dandelion leaf tea.

There are many foods that are natural diuretics, some of which you may consume on a regular basis and others that you may have never thought could help you do away with excess water retention. One of the best foods to help with water retention is asparagus. Asparagus contains asparagines which are chemicals that will encourage healthy kidney performance, which will help remove all waste from the body.

Brussel sprouts are helpful as they stimulate the kidneys and the pancreas and this will help in the cleansing of the body on the cellular level, doing away with excess water in the process. Beets are natural diuretics and will not only clear out water but will clear out fats and fatty deposits as well. Oats contain silica which is a natural diuretic. Tomatoes should be consumed when you are bloated as they contain Vitamin C which will stimulate the release of water from the kidneys that will flush out any bodily wastes.


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