Natural antibiotics for tooth infection

A tooth infection can be extremely discomfortable. For the quickest and most efficient treatment the infection should be cared by a dentist as soon as it is discovered. If there is no possibility of visiting a dentist immediately then various natural remedies for tooth infections may be considered. One of the more popular types of treatments at home for a tooth infection would be the practice of natural antibiotics to relieve the condition.

Natural antibiotics for a tooth infection are natural or organic products that can be used to help minimize the symptoms and severity of a tooth infection. There are many different foods, plants, and more that fall under the category of natural antibiotics. You will not be required to get a prescription for these antibiotics and they are likely already found in your home. Therefore, it is a very convenient treatment method for a tooth infection.

Tooth Infections and the Importance of Treating Them
A tooth infection occurs when the enamel of a tooth is damaged to the point where bacteria can enter the tooth. The result of bacteria entering the tooth is ultimately a tooth infection. A tooth infection can also be caused by other tooth issues such as cavities or trauma. The severity of a tooth infection can vary but for the most part the symptoms will be the same (discomfort, pain, etc).

If the tooth infection goes untreated then it could develop to a much more serious issue. The result of an untreated tooth infection is possibly an abscess. This will affect not only the area of your tooth but your gums as well. The area will become swollen and the tissue will fill with puss. This is extremely painful and hazardous so it should be avoided at all costs. On top of that, an untreated tooth infection can cause a fever to occur as well.

Types of Natural Antibiotics for Tooth Infections
The most common type of natural antibiotic that is used for a tooth infection is garlic. A small amount of garlic can provide better results than virtually any other type of natural antibiotic available. It is extremely effective at fighting infections. It is especially potent at fighting off bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Garlic has also been shown to be able to fight tumors as it can help flush unwanted toxins from body tissues. As you can see, garlic is one of the most effective natural antibiotics available and it would be a great choice when treating a tooth infection.

Some people use alternative methods such as using a black tea bag or mixture of baking soda and salt to treat a tooth infection. These methods are also effective at treating an abscess but they will only help minimize the swelling and provide a bit of relief. These are not very effective natural antibiotics but they may work better for some individuals.

If you are curious about the various types of natural antibiotics available for tooth infections then you should do some more research. Pick out a few of the more effective natural antibiotics for tooth infections to use if you have an infection to treat. Just remember that garlic should be one of the antibiotics on your list.

Treating the Tooth Infection
As soon as the infection is noticed you will want to start treatment. For the best results possible you should visit a dentist immediately. If for any reason you are unable to get to a dentist then you should start treating the condition at home. You will want to eliminate the symptoms of the condition and work eliminating it completely. Natural antibiotics are very effective at getting rid of the symptoms and the infection itself as well. Use these to your advantage and the condition should be at minimal severity or completely gone in only a short period of time.

The proper treatment for the infection will depend on what stage the infection is at. If the tooth infection has already busted and opened up then you will want to assist in draining it. To do this you will want to lightly press on it so it can drain more freely. Do not be too rough when pressing on the infection as it could cause the infection to travel to healthy tissues and make things much worse.

Final Thoughts
Natural antibiotics for tooth infections are usually a good choice if you cannot make it to a dentist within the next few days. There will be some people that are allergic to some of the natural antibiotics that are effective for tooth infections so not everyone will be able to take advantage of them. For most people it will not be a problem to use these antibiotics to treat their tooth infection though. To close, if you are looking to treat a tooth infection at home then you should definitely look further into the various natural remedies and natural antibiotics that can be used for treating it.

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