Nasal congestion remedies

Nasal congestion is an annoying problem that happens when your nasal cavities become clogged with mucus and your blood vessels become swollen and block your nose from being able to breathe. Most of the time it is an annoying problem to have but it can range into a more serious condition. Newborns especially breathe solely through their nose and if they have congestion they will not be able to breathe. Nasal congestion can affect hearing and speech development and can cause sleep apnea and sleeping problems. Nasal congestion often is a symptom of other problems such as sinusitis, a cold or flu, allergic reaction, or acid reflux. Here are some remedies that may be useful in clearing up this annoying and potentially serious problem.

One remedy is to make your own version of the nasal spray. Boil 1 cup water with ½ teaspoon distilled vinegar and ½ teaspoon salt and let cool, then place the cooled drops in your nose like a spray. You can also find a small spray bottle to spray into your nose, or just use a dropper. Using this can clear up passages in your nose and save you money at the same time. Be careful not to overdue this because your body can get used to the treatment and will have a rebound effect, actually making the congestion worse. So use this in conjunction with the other remedies mentioned below.

Another remedy is to drink hot green tea, broth, or soup. Drinking these will help clear up nasal congestion especially if related to a cold or the flu virus. You can also hover over the cup or bowl and let the steam calm the nasal passages. Eating spicy food and trying to smell an onion can temporarily relieve a clogged nose, but these tips can turn your stuffy nose into a runny nose, so keep tissues handy. The steam helps to calm the inflamed passages and make you breathe better and it doesn’t cost any money. You can even stand in the shower as the steam fills the room. Breathe in deep and try to clear out any mucus that is released from the steam.

Any medicine with anticongestants or antihistamines will work for a congested nose. These types of medicine are available from a doctor or over the counter and help to reduce the swelling that caused congestion in the nose. You don’t have to see a doctor for nasal congestion unless you have other symptoms signaling a cold or flu or something more serious. Always make sure to take plenty of Vitamin C and other vitamins (such as a supplement) to ward off the cause of nasal congestion. Keep your body healthy by exercising and eating a balanced diet. The exercise will also help you to breathe better. Also, make sure to keep your head elevated since lying down can make the swelling and congestion worse. Sit up and drink plenty of water to relieve the discomfort caused by congestion.

If you have other symptoms such as a fever or cough you should go to a doctor so you can get the proper medicine for the bacteria or virus that is causing the symptoms. Some medicines will work for multiple symptoms so make sure you use one that also has an anti-congestant so you can relieve your nasal congestion. Remember to drink plenty of water, eat healthy meals, get plenty of exercise, drink broths or tea, and breathe in steam from hot water. Keep these remedies in mind for clearing up those swollen nasal passages and your nasal congestion should clear up soon. These tricks will help relieve the discomfort and help you breathe better.

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