Muscle milk protein

Have you ever gone to the story and bought a product based on its name alone, only to get home and realize that what you bought is something completely different from what you thought you were buying? That has been the case with several buyers of Muscle Milk Protein. Muscle Milk Protein is a dietary supplement, designed to help body builders and other people concerned about their health to supplement their protein intake, thus building muscle more quickly. The confusion actually caused the makers of Muscle Milk Protein to receive a complaint from the Nestle Corporation because, stated Nestle, the advertising of Muscle Milk Protein is misleading to consumers. Whether consumers actually thought they were coming home with a dairy supplement is another story altogether, and Muscle Milk Protein’s manufacturer, a Benicia, California based company named CytoSport, declined to subject Muscle Milk Protein’s name to an official inquiry by the Federal Trade Commission and United States Food and Drug Administration, citing the review as unnecessary.

So we know what Muscle Milk Protein is not – it isn’t a dairy supplement – but what exactly is it? Muscle Milk Protein is one of many sports and fitness supplements manufactured by CytoSport. Found grouped together near the vitamins and medicines in the grocery store aisle, in nutrition stores, or for sale in numerous places online, these types of athletic supplements are popular with people who wish to enhance their physique, become stronger, or simply add a kick to their regular workout routine. Body builders and sporting stars have been known to use protein supplements such as Muscle Milk Protein in order to enhance performance. This is became protein is vital to the bodily functions that break down and repair muscles, allowing them to grow stronger.

Despite its name, Muscle Milk Protein contains no dairy products of any kind. Instead, Muscle Milk Protein is a beverage which is advertised to be free of trans fats, free of lactose (an ingredient that makes milk drinking untenable for a whole subsection of the world’s population), and free of high fructose corn syrup. Because it is a health drink, Muscle Milk Protein would naturally be free of these kinds of substances, which are usually found in fatty or sugary foods.

The company that makes Muscle Milk Protein, CytoSport, was founded in 1998 by a father and son team. The company has attained success in the sport and fitness supplements market with their powders and drinks designed to help build muscle and enhance athletic performance. The company has signed several sponsors, including baseball’s Ryan Braun, football’s Adrian Peterson, and swimming’s Mike Bottom. The cross-genre sponsoring seems to suggest that Muscle Milk Protein, and Cytosport’s other products, are not just for athletes participating in any one sport.

Dietary supplements get a mixed reputation. Some people, including athletes and other successful people, swear by them, while others – often doctor and nutritionists – want to make sure that consumers take a long hard look at what they are putting into their bodies before they begin taking supplements. Muscle Milk Protein, like most other supplements, gets mixed reviews online. Positive reviewers seem to have only universal praise for one aspect of Muscle Milk Protein – its taste. So if you are looking for a protein supplement but get hung up on bad taste, Muscle Milk Protein may be the supplement for you.

As with any new substance you put into your body, check with your primary care physician before you begin a regimen of Muscle Milk Protein. Your primary care physician can help you determine whether any health problems will make taking a supplement detrimental to your health.

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