Muscle gainer

Muscle gainers are typically supplements that you should take in conjunction with a weight training program. They are able to provide your body with essential nutrients that it requires to achieve increased weight and size goals. Many people have a fast metabolic rate and, therefore, have difficulty in gaining weight and size. However, the majority of muscle gainers provide high-quality protein, complex carbohydrates and many essential nutrients that are critical if you are following an intensive weight training program.

Protein is absolutely essential in building lean muscle, improving your strength and optimising recovery. Protein is known as one of the most critical nutrients for your health, well-being and potential growth. In fact protein is just as important for people who are trying to lose excess body fat or weight. Complex carbohydrates that are found in most muscle gainers will be extremely high in fibre. This will help to intensify the effects of protein and muscle mass nutrients as they are released into the body over time. This, in turn, will actually give an enhanced effect for a far longer period of time. You will also find that the majority of muscle gainers will contain essential fats. They will provide just the right amount of dietary fats which can help you to stay lean and will also prevent your body from storing unwanted fats. The essential facts usually come in two varieties which are the quick digesting medium chain triglycerides and the far slower digesting flaxseed, which is known to increase your energy levels.

Most muscle gainers will contain whey protein which can best be described as the purest form of protein. Whereas some muscle gainers may require you to add milk to either increase the calories or improve the taste of the supplement, many others can merely be diluted in water. This is extremely important as many people find it hard to digest milk and may even be completely lactose intolerant. Whey protein is known to have one of the highest biological values of any protein source. This is typically down to the fact that it is easy soluble, digestible and has an extremely excellent amino acid profile. The higher the biological value of a protein, the more usable amounts of amino acid it may yield.

Muscle gainers are known to have an extremely high concentration of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). This is essential for power athletes and bodybuilders. The branched chain amino acids known as L-leucine, L-valine and L-isoleucine actually make up approximately a third of the total protein content that can be found within human muscle tissue. Therefore, by consuming more BCCA you can improve your overall strength and this will definitely increase your endurance while you are exercising.

Protein is, without doubt, the most important nutrient that is required for building, repairing and maintaining the body’s muscle tissue. How much protein you actually require will be determined by how hard and intensely you train. The harder you train, the more protein you will require. You will actually find it extremely difficult to obtain the right amount of protein merely from food alone. Should you try to “eat” enough protein on a daily basis you are likely to be consuming far more unwanted calories and fat. This is where muscle gainers can provide you with a protein boost, without the need to consume a large amount of calories and fat. Foods that are known to be high in protein will include meat, fish, eggs, soya and dairy produce. Muscle gainers will also contain a certain amount of carbohydrates which will provide your body with energy, whereas protein will help your muscles to recover and repair quicker.

You will also find that many muscle gainers will contain glutamine. This will allow the body to slowly absorb proteins which can allow for sustained muscle support. Glutamine will actually lessen the catabolic effects that are typically endured during intense exercise. The reason it is so important to also have BCCAs as an ingredient in muscle gainers is that the body’s levels of BCCAs will drop quite dramatically even during moderate exercise. This will eventually result in catabolism, or your muscle tissues gradually breaking down. You may also find that you feel extremely lethargic and fatigued if the body does not have enough BCAAs. By using muscle gainers that have an adequate amount of protein, complex carbohydrates and BCAAs you should notice greatly improved growth, power and strength in your muscles.

Potentially the greatest benefit of taking a muscle gainer supplement is the increase in metabolic recovery. Muscle gainers will ensure that you feel less sore after exercise and this will, therefore, mean that your recovery time should be a lot quicker. By ensuring that you recover from the effects of exercise quicker this, in turn, will mean that you are likely to gain muscle, strength and size of a lot faster.

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