Mirrored contact lenses

Because of rapid new developments in the contact lens industry people now have various types of contact lenses to choose from. Hollywood actors have helped increase the desire for out the norm looking contact lenses. Contact lenses are now made to change the appearance and color of the eyes as well as to correct vision. Mirrored contact lenses are worn just for fun as well now. Mirrored contact lenses are gas permeable soft contact lenses. They do not usually have any corrective power and cannot correct your vision when you wear them. The mirrored contact lenses have been classified as a medical device and can only be purchased with a prescription. There is only one manufacturer that makes corrective mirrored contact lenses. You need a prescription whether they are corrective lenses or not though. They are strictly for theatrical effect and should not be worn for long periods of time. Mirrored contact lenses need to be fitted by an eye care professional. Mirrored contact lenses can be very uncomfortable to wear.

When you look into the eyes of someone wearing mirrored contact lenses you can see your own reflection. These kinds of lenses can make the wearer the center of attraction at parties. In fact, Halloween is a great time to wear a pair of mirrored contact lenses. You will attract a lot of attention anywhere you wear them. These lenses became popular when actors in Hollywood began to wear them in films. Van diesel is credited with the rise of their popularity when he worn a set of them in his movie “Riddick”. People really like the way they give a person a distinct and unusual look. The latest version to hit the contact lens market is the tinted mirrored contact lenses. There are even black mirrored contact lenses available. Kids love them. One unique advantage is that they give the wearer the distinct advantage of protection from the strong light on movie sets. They are also said to function as sunglasses since they protect the eyes from harmful rays from the sun. You should not wear colored mirrored contact lenses while driving at night.

These lenses are just beginning to catch on. Your eye doctor may not even know about them yet, but they are available to the public. When you get a prescription for mirrored contact lenses you must keep them as clean as you would any other pair of contact lenses. Keeping contact lenses clean will help reduce the risk of eye infections. Your eye care provider can give you instructions on the proper care and cleaning of contact lenses. There is only one base curve that the lenses are made on so they may not fit your eye as well as regular contact lenses will. There are all kinds of colors and designs to choose from. Mirrored contact lenses fit over the pupil of the eye, with the colored iris covered and the pupil exposed so the person can see. It is important that the centers of the non corrective mirrored contact lenses are clear so the wearer can see clearly.

CIBA Vision makes “Wild Eyes” and the brand “Crazy Eyes” are made by Coopervision. These are two reputable contact lens manufacturers who are making mirrored contact lenses. These are all the rage now and fast becoming a household name. Mirrored contact lenses may or may not be a fad right now, but their popularity does not seem like it will be dying down any time soon. You can purchase these lenses online with a prescription or from local eye wear stores everywhere.

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